The Royal Samuelonia Football Association (The RSFA) is the governing body of football in Samuelonia. It was formed in 195 and organises the men's and women's national teams, as well as the Samuelonian Football League and all levels of football in Samuelonia. The current president of RSFA is Rudi Brendtvold. The RSFA joined IVEFA in 301, and ULFA in 308.

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The RSFA governs all professional and amateur football clubs in Samuelonia. All of Samuelonia's professional and amateur football clubs must be members of the Football Association. The RSFA is responsible for the appointment of the management of the Samuelonia's men's and women's national teams, the organization of the King's Cup (the nation's most prestigious cup competition), and is the governing body of the 10 professional divisions.

The RSFA is also responsible for grassroots level football, including schools, colleges, university, junior and park league football.

History Edit

The RSFA was founded in 195 by Sir Francisco Della Montlivio. The original concept was 6 football clubs in one division named the Royal St Samuel Football League. Since those days when the RSFA was a tiny comitee, the association has grown from strength to strength and now has 200 professional football teams and a whole host of womens, youth and amateur branches.

The RSFA chose not to join IVEFA originally after the clubs voted against joining, fearing that the number of international fixtures would interrupt the domestic league. However, after huge pressure from supporters, RSFA voted to apply for IVEFA membership and was accepted in 301. The RSFA was the driving force in the creation of the Union of Longerath Football Associations in 308.


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The RSFA is responsible for the running if international football in Samuelonia. The RSFA selects the manager and coaching staff, along with the organisation of international football friendlies.

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Royal Premier Division of Samuelonia

RSSFA Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Division 5

Division 6

Division 7

Division 8

Division 9

Division 10

Each division consist's of 24 teams and from each division the top two teams are automaticaly promoted and 3rd to 6th enter a playoff competition in which one team will also gain promotion. In all divisions, three teams will be relegated.

Below Division 10 is the Royal Amateur Football Premier League in which the top two teams win promotion into Division 10 and a 3rd team is also promoted after winning the play-off, as with the professional division play-off system. The Royal Amateur Football Premier League, Division 1 and Division 2 consists of 20 teams per division. Below the RAF Division 2 is the RAF Northern Division, Eastern Division, Southern Division and Western Division. From these regional divisions, 1 team from each regional division is promoted to the RAF Division 2.

The Amateur Football League is a pyramid system going all the way down to grass roots football. Amateur football in St. Samuel is governed by the Royal St Samuel Amateur Football Association.

Current Premier Division Clubs Edit

Current Division 2 Clubs Edit

Current Division 3 Clubs Edit

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Current Division 4 Clubs Edit

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Current Division 5 Clubs Edit

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313/314 - Promoted: Kasselburn FC, Sampdovia FC, Unionburg FC 312/313 - (1st) Holdanwick FC (2nd) Rossalyne City FC (3rd) Donaldein Athletic FC

Current Division 6 Clubs Edit

  • Alexandra United FC
  • Amersham Town
  • Ardenland
  • Coldetheron FC
  • Cypriatana FC
  • Donaldholm
  • Ewell Wanderers
  • FC Castentica
  • Fenchurch United
  • Gobey Heights FC
  • Holdenstadt
  • Karatay City FC
  • Lewisburg Town FC
  • Linden City
  • Litortorino
  • Monte Fortunana FC
  • Monz FC
  • Port Lindsay FC
  • Port Mustafa FC
  • Rothheim
  • Rothingburg
  • Rydendorf
  • Saint Ducreux FC
  • Saint Edgar

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The Football League Pyramid Edit


Flowchart detailing the Football League Pyramid system

Domestic Competitions Edit

  • King's Cup - Knockout competition consisting of every professional and amateur club in the country.
  • Queen's Cup - Knockout competition consisting of teams from Division 2 to Division 5.
  • Prince's Cup - Knockout competition consisting of teams from Division 6 to Division 10.
  • Royal Cup - Competition consisting of every professional club starting in a group stage and ending in a knockout phase.