The Royal Samuelonia Rugby Federation is the governing body for rugby in Samuelonia. Among the Federation's chief activities are the governing of international and domestic rugby in Samuelonia, conferences, organising international matches, and educating and training players and officials. Their publications include handbooks and guides for coaches. Headquarters are located at Francisco, High Samuelonia. The national team of Samuelonia's nickname is the Crusaders.

History Edit

The Royal Samuelonian Rugby Federation was founded in 227 and became the governing body of the various amateur rugby leagues in Samuelonia. The Gregorian Shield, named after the RSRF founder, Sir Leyton Gregorian, was first held in 242 and became an annual national tournament, open to all rugby clubs in Samuelonia.

The Royal Samuelonian Premiership was founded in 305 and was revolutionary in the evolution of rugby in Samuelonia, with the sport turning professional. The league was created with three divisions of 12 teams with relegation and promotion.

International Edit

Current Squad Edit

Backs Edit

  • Justin Barrilleaux
  • Marc Labonté
  • Sebastian Bergeron
  • Lucifer Savoy

Forwards Edit

  • Louis Savoie
  • Jacques Bellefontaine

Past International Result's Edit

  • 15/03/308 (Friendly) St Samuel 30:13 Baben Bay
  • 20/03/308 (Friendly) St Samuel 20:29 Wesmerite
  • 23/03/308 (Friendly) St Samuel 60:27 Fora Rifo
  • 07/05/308 (WC Qual) St Samuel 28:10 Aethelnia
  • 14/05/308 (WC Qual) Lendosa 16:19 St Samuel
  • 17/05/308 (WC Qual) Aethelnia 13:53 St Samuel
  • 25/05/308 (WC Qual) St Samuel 58:8 Lendosa
  • 30/08/308 (WC Pool D) St Samuel 28:9 Cimera
  • 07/09/308 (WC Pool D) St Samuel 16:5 Kukuria
  • 13/09/308 (WC Pool D) St Samuel 31:22 Westria
  • 21/09/308 (WC Q-F) St Samuel 16:22 Shaelia
  • 20/03/310 (310 VC Qual) Samuelonia 71:11 Phenixia

International Records Edit

Domestic Rugby Edit

Royal Samuelonian Premiership Edit

RSRF Division 1 Edit

RSRF Division 2 Edit

Domestic Competitions Edit

  • Gregorian Shield
  • Cup of Samuelonia

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