The Royal Samuelonian Armed Forces is Samuelonia's principal land warfare force charged with defending the Kingdom's integrity and sovereignty. The force is administered by the Defence Ministry. The professional head of the Samuelonian Army is the Lord Commander of his Majesty's Army.


Current and recent conflictsEdit


Structure of units Edit

The standard operational units are structured as follows, although various units have their own structure, conventions, names and sizes.

Type of Unit Division Brigade Battalion / Regiment Company / Squadron Platoon / Troop Section Fire Team
Contains 2–3 Brigades 3–5 Battalions 5–7 Companies 3 Platoons 3 Sections 2 Fire Teams 4 Individuals
Personnel 10,000 5,000 550–750 100 30 8–10 4
Commanded by Major-General Brigadier Lieutenant Colonel Major Lieutenant|2nd Lieutenant Corporal Lance-corporal

Ranks and insigniaEdit

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