Royal Samuelonian Tennis Federation
Sport Tennis
Founded 14th November 202 AP
Headquarters Basterbury, Saint Sembus

The Royal Samuelonian Tennis Federation, also known as the RSTF is an organisation set up in 202AP that takes charge of the organisation, co-ordination and promotion of tennis in St. Samuel and is recognised by the International Tennis Board. Its headquarters are at the Royal Samuelonian Tennis Academy, in Basterbury, Saint Sembus province. The roles of the RSTF include organising tennis competitions in St. Samuel, most notably the Saint Samuel Open and the Queens Cup, supporting and co-ordinating tennis clubs, and managing the St. Samuel tennis teams.


The RSTF was founded on the 14th of November 202AP by Lord Hubert Szweuss, as the governing body for tennis in St. Samuel. Szweuss, was a top amateur mens tennis player and sought to organise and improve tennis in St. Samuel. He also founded the Royal Samuelonian Tennis Academy in 215AP, which is a tennis school for budding young tennis stars.


Queens CupEdit

Year Men's Singles Winner Men's Singles Runner-up Ladies Singles Winner Ladies Singles Runner-up
308 Francisco Antar Flag-lendosa LEN Jimmy Koo Wmc-1- WMC Isabella Conte-Moyez StSamuelFlag STS Ina Perez Deucosm WED
307 Jimmy Koo Wmc-1- WMC Kemenhe Arranze Ede1 EDE Ina Perez Deucosm WED Theresia Alvorada Deucosm WED
306 Jimmy Koo Wmc-1- WMC Tad Foster Flag-cruisana CHR Maria Jose Filip Moa1 MOA Ina Perez Deucosm WED
305 Tad Foster Flag-cruisana CHR Francisco Antar Flag-lendosa LEN Isabella Conte-Moyez StSamuelFlag STS Miranda Palatschink Sck1 SCK
304 Francisco Antar Flag-lendosa LEN Darren Mycroft Flag-cruisana CHR Miranda Palatschink Sck1 SCK Linda Garrett Bow1 BOW
303 Francisco Antar Flag-lendosa LEN Tad Foster Flag-cruisana CHR Margret Wynn Ooo OOO Maria Jose Filip Moa1 MOA
302 Jimmy Koo Wmc-1- WMC Francisco Antar Flag-lendosa LEN Margret Wynn Ooo OOO Miranda Palatschink Sck1 SCK
301 Francisco Antar Flag-lendosa LEN Zairul Zaffar Djeriga DJR Maria Jose Filip Moa1 MOA Margret Wynn Ooo OOO

Royal Samuelonian OpenEdit

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