Rudolphtine is a city in the province of Saint Lysander, in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel and has a population of 1,172,000. It is located on the southern coast of the Saint Lysander province in the Bay of Samuelonia.

Rudolphtine's history as a city spans over two and a half thousand years, having been founded by Knight Templar, Rudolph Von Vassenholm of the Knights of Cruis.


The area of modern day Rudolphtine, was originally settled by traders from the Kunn Empire, who founded a small trade post named Akitoba around 3700BP. Akitoba grew slowly through the years and became a haven for Dark Sea Pirates, who would stop at the harbor to trade goods. In 2830BP, King Leonidas III of Samuelonia was forced to take action against the pirate base operating within his kingdom and had the coastal town burnt to the ground.

Akitoba struggled to recover and became a bleak, backwater fishing village, for many years. In 1260BP, Knight Templar, Rudolph Von Vassenholm of the Knights of Cruis, selected the location to found a new city for ther Religous Order. Knight Von Vassenholm renamed the town to Rudolphtine and the grand harbor, which was built became the main base for the navy of the Knights of Cruis. Rudolphtine quickly became a major trade port and the trade vessels travelling to Rudolphtine quickly became a target for Dark Sea pirates. Twice, in 1223BP, the city itself was attacked by large Dark Sea pirate raiding parties. On the second occasion the city was set alight and nearly completely destroyed.

In a bid to avoid this from happening again, Knight Templar Edwin De Ruskovic, had a wall constructed around the entire city, which became known as the Ruskovic Wall. A large pirate raid in 1221BP was succesfully defended by the cities defenders and by 1215BP the city had once again become a major trade port.

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