Rugby is played around Vexillium, but worldwide its popularity is dwarfed by football. In some countries, however, rugby surpasses football in popularity, most notably in the Shaelic Commonwealth where the game is considered part of the culture, and in other parts of Eras. The game also has historically strong roots in parts of Melania and Fiarria.


The exact history of rugby is unclear, but it is believed that the modern game emerged on Eras around 10-20 AP. Ball sports had always been popular among the various peoples of south and central Eras for centuries. Modern rugby is believed to have evolved over time, and peoples and cultures increased contact with one another and rules and concepts from existing ball sports were merged, integrated, and assimilated as nations and societies expanded and absorbed other cultures.

Governing BodyEdit

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The international governing body for the sport of rugby is the Vexillium Rugby Board (VRB). The VRB is responsible for the laws and regulations of the sport, and for coordinating the development of rugby around Vexillium.

VRB World CupEdit

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The Vexillium Rugby Board World Cup, commonly called the VRB World Cup, is the premier international rugby competition on Vexillium.

National TeamsEdit

National teams include:

Domestic LeaguesEdit

While not as widespread as football, there are a variety of domestic rugby leagues, cups, and other competitions contested around the world. These include:

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