Davenport has, for the majority of its history, had two and only two car companies. The first to challenge imports from Cruisana, Lendosa, and such was Rumford Motors, headquartered in Brighton. Emil Rumford's company specialized in basic, cheap-to-produce and easy-to-own vehicles; its most popular and ubiquitous model was the PT (standing for "Personal Transport"). These soon reached a legendary, beloved, and almost kitsch status in Davenport; an entire generation of Davenportians grew up learning to drive on the notoriously quirky and inefficient, but mechanically simple and fantastically cheap PT. Other Rumford models included the FW ("Family Wagon") and the hair-raisingly unsafe MT ("Micro Transport").

These "two-letters" were, with rare exceptions of single-year one-off models, the entirety of the Rumford line for over twenty years, and changed very little in their design over that time.

Shortly after Rumford's company was incorporated, a group of four reknowned engineers, returning to Davenport after studying overseas, founded the Lorican Motor Works in Star City. LMW's cars were everything that Rumford wasn't: fast, sleek, efficient, and often expensive. The Autoway (Davenport's main east coast highway) soon become a study in contrasts between the clearly superior Loricans and the rickety but cheaper and far more numerous Rumfords. Moving from one car to the other was seen as a clear indication of a change of status for Davenportians.

In recent years, successive generations of Rumfords adopted a more progressive attitude towards their vehicles. The [[Rumford Islander], a handsome, fuel-efficient, low-emissions two-door sedan, won design awards and became Davenport's best-selling car six years ago.

Rumford currently has no racing team; Old Emil Rumford saw no use or interest in racing - that wasn't in his plan for getting all Davenportians on wheels. By the time his son Gerald took over twenty-five years later, their reputation was well-established, and no one took them seriously as racers. It is rumored, however, that Rumford could branch into racing in the future, given the right investment of time, drivers, and engineers.

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