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Eastmont Province
Motto " "
Capital Ellihammer
Cities Trissanberg, Rothheim, Saint Elena
Population 1,792,453
Governor Lord Samuel Ulberton

Eastmont is one of twenty provinces of the United Federal Kingdom of Samuelonia and has a population of 1,792,453. The province is located in the south-east of Samuelonia in the Black Mountain range. The province is bordered by Angliyaa to the east, Saint Augustus and Correana to the north, High Samuelonia to the west and Saint Christantinus to the south. The administrative capital is Ellihammer.

Major Towns Edit

  • Ellihammer 668,000
  • Aquila Imperiale 33,000
  • Masso di Citta 59,000
  • Saint Elena 103,000
  • San Bernadino 84,000
  • Calvona 67,000
  • Imholzbergen 13,000
  • Rothheim 133,000
  • Montvellier 43,000
  • Fasslerbruck 22,000
  • Kitzinburgh 13,000
  • Dammalilli 4,000
  • Bregion 9,000
  • Kirschbaum 6,000
  • Rizbergen 5,000
  • Polverina 5,000
  • Lindenfield 93,000
  • Sturmbruck 87,000
  • Stocklasa 3,000
  • Hermanstein 27,000
  • Trissanberg 204,000
  • Lustberg 107,000
  • Schurmannholm 4,000
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Crown Dependency: Eshwarya

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