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Westerland Province
Motto "Regnat populus"
Capital Kingston
Cities Ravenstone, Stamford, Saint Noemie, Lillebourg
Population 5,587,237
Governor Lord Leonard Clairmont

Westerland is one of twenty four provinces of the United Federal Kingdom of Samuelonia, with a population of 4,687,237. Westerland is bordered by Saint Nicholas to the north, Saint Kleos and Saint Jutinian to the east, Saint Francisco and the Dark Sea to the south and Saint Lysander and Saint Zeus to the west. The city of Kingston is the administrative capital of the province.

In January 314, the province returned to it's original name of Westland, having been known as the province of Saint Lucius for hundreds of years.

Major Towns Edit

Cities of Westerland
City Population County
Saint Noemie 462,000 High Westerland
Oakmouth 176,000 High Westerland
Thunder Bay 88,000 High Westerland
Cookstown 57,000 High Westerland
Stamford 476,000 Kingsland
Kingston 621,000 Kingsland
Westwick 29,000 Kingsland
Ambledon 34,000 Kingsland
Hershchester 21,000 Saldonguard
Davondburg 495,000 Saldonguard
Mortonchester 66,000 Saldonguard
Richmond 194,000 Saldonguard
Ravenstone 962,000 High Westerland
Anderville 74,000 Emberland
Karchester 111,000 Emberland
Kodingburg 162,000 Emberland
Leonardholm 162,000 Emberland
Leoburg 232,000 Winterhelm
Mainberndorf 27,000 Winterhelm
Ottocourt 76,000 Winterhelm
Frastendorf 39,000 Winterhelm
Nordsgaard 318,000 Winterhelm
Lillebourg 228,000 Winterhelm
Kia-West 362,000 South Cove
Port Eden 183,000 South Cove
Port Cheam 327,000 South Cove
Greenbay 74,000 South Cove
Port Lenoir 155,000 South Cove
Castle Dungaddon 65,000 South Cove



Saint Lucius has a population of 5,587,237.



  • Orthodox Cruisian - 62%
  • Papaist Cruisian - 35%
  • Mounist - 2%
  • Other - 1%
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