GK  Vittorio Da Costa   24       
 GK  Julien Dickov   20       
 D  Achille Giacchetta   28       
 D  Kolya Kiviliev   27       
 D  Sebastiano Parlato   26       
 D  Foma Lunin   26       
 D  Alessio De Angelo   20       
 D  Titus Lennox   19       
 MF  Dante Maldini   31       
 MF  Russell Rendell   26      
 MF  Jens-Johan Heiaas   25      
 MF  Zambotto Penotti   22       
 MF  Joseph Thornton   19       
 MF  Ludvig Pihl   19       
 F  Ugo Fissore   32       
 F  Ike Mimms   29       
 F  Cappi Pruzzo   26       
 F  Elvin Tuzinovic   19

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