Saint Thomas's Day is the national holiday of Aethelnia. It is celebrated every year on the 29th of April since year 301.

Originally a centuries-old local cruisian celebration to commemorate mythical Saint Thomas spreading Cruisanism/Cruisianism to the lands nowadays known as the kingdom of Aethelnia, the celebration and festivities have since been embrassed by the majority of the population as a holiday on which to celebrate Aethelnia's independence, freedom and prosperity and to honour the royal family.

During Saint Thomas's Day public life in the country grinds to a standstill, with most companies and non-essential government services closed for the day.

The offical part of the celebrations take part during the morning, and consist of.. tba

The non-offical part of the celebrations take up the rest of the day, and ususally last deep into the night... tba

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