Samuelonian Orthodox Church
Founder Patriarch Auwyn Bevan
Recognition BP
Head Patriarch Marco Vella Sianni
Headquarters Francisco, High Samuelonia
Adherents 3,685,000

The Samuelonian Orthodox Church is the third largest Cruisian communion in Samuelonia. The Samuelonian Orthodox Church is aligned to the Ulanovan Orthodox Church unified autocephalous ecclesial body shepherded by the Patriarch of Samuelonia.

The Grand Church of Francisco is the central administrative office of the Samuelonian Orthodox Church, where the current Patriarch of Samuelonia, Marco Vella Sianni is based.

History Edit

In 1299BP, Lord Illia Tristanta founded the Orthodox order, the Knights of Cruis. This was as a result of a number of attacks on Cruisian churches and pilgrims. As all churches in Saint Samuel received large financial donations, small rural churches were often seen as an easy target by groups of bandits. Tristanta's Knight's would travel the lands in search of these bandits which he pledged to hunt down and kill in honour of Cruis. His knight's would become protectors of the faith and the knights received fame for there chivalric and honourable deeds.

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