Samuelus II (Samuelus Ardian Quintus Hadacia Gellantara; born 2453 BP, was King of Samuelonia from 2430 BP until his death in 2417 BP. Samuelus was the 7th monarch of the Gellantara dynasty.

Early lifeEdit

Samuelus was born in Francisco in 2453 BP, the eldest son of Quintus II of Samuelonia and Leonia of Vallcadini. His mother died when he was seven years old, which strained the relationship between him and his father. It was said that his father favoured, Odyn, his middle son, who was a powerfully built boy and a gifted horse rider.

The strained relationship between Quintus and Samuelus was evident in Quintus' later life when he gave control of military affairs to Odyn, when his health was fading.

Compared to his brother, Samuelus was a skinny and weak boy and lacked confidence. Instead of combat and fighting his interests lay in architecture and construction.

At the age of 16, his father arranged a marriage between him and Ajacia of Jandemine. Ajacia was a beautiful young lady and despite becoming the Queen of Samuelonia, she was said to be deeply unhappy with the marriage. She gave birth to her first son, Quintus in 2437 BP, but he died before his first birthday. Anticus was born 2433 BP and then a third son, Arcilius in 2430 BP.

King of SamueloniaEdit

Upon the death of Quintus, a number of powerful nobles willed Odyn to claim the throne for himself as the more powerful and popular son. However Odyn refused to stand against his brother and rightful heir and in 2430 BP, Samuelus was crowned King.

Samuelus, to the surprise of many, was a good King. Many great building projects were begun during his reign and trade flourished. The division between Samuelus and Odyn soon faded and Samuelus relied on his brother to continue controlling his army and defence of the Kingdom.

However Samuelus' reign was to be cut short in 2417 BP when his ship sank in the Black Sea. His son, Anticus was crowned King at the age of sixteen.

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