San Di Angelo International Speedway is a race track in San Di Angelo, Saint Jordinian province, St. Samuel. Since opening in 301, it has held Pro Samuelonia International races. The track features one layout, a 1 mile (1.6 km) oval, with 24° banking in the turns and 9° banking on the straights. The speedway is owned and operated by San Di Angelo Motorsports.

The track, nicknamed "The Samuelonia Monster Circuit", was built in 301 by Marco Daynebridge of Daynebridge Construction Company, Inc., with an asphalt surface, but was replaced with concrete in 305. In 312 the track's capacity moved to 155,000. From 311 to 313 the speedway worked on an improvement project called "The Monster Makeover", which expanded facilities at the track and beautified the track.

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