Logo of Saqlain, as seen on their cars.

Saqlain is a prolific automaker originating and headquartered in Colophanople, Kalisth'izira, and is particularly known for their motorsports engagement. Together with energy partners Petroline, Saqlain have invested heavily in developing entries for both, ICARA and RZOEAZ, with considerable success in both.

Saqlain won the 306AP and 313AP ICARA Championships with Piet-Maria Caniz, and the 315AP ICARA Championship with Aimeric Geulfsprecken, and the 304AP RZOEAZ Crown Cup Championship with Tse-Tung Wangg, as well as 3 additional "Provisional" RZOEAZ Titles with Milan Carnacq, Praveen Lambrich and Pad Kinthurris.

Saqlain and Petroline also sponsor an extensive Junior Driver Development Program that has yielded many successful graduates, including Caniz.

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