The Sarina Gold Cup is a one-day professional bicycle road race in west Angliya. Always starting from Sarina, the route is changed from one year to the next. The race is held annually in mid-April.



Cyclist Team Time UVCI
1 MF Meckeln-Flamlandt - Klawes Tönjesen Red Buffalo Racing 6hrs 31' 49" 80
2 Westria Westria - Graham Abrahall Fyusaro s.t. 60
3 Westria Westria - Morton Buffinger Hillel Düsenkill s.t. 50
4 Flag-draconia Draconia - Curtis Colber Bossenfokker s.t. 40
5 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Felix de Karleon Team MDN s.t. 30
6 Flag-caledon-small Caledon - Cruisian McMaster Eidyn Calecott s.t. 22
7 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Franc Ordencourt Red Buffalo Racing s.t. 14
8 Flag-caledon-small Caledon - Stephen Holmes Eidyn Calecott s.t. 10
9 Utania Utania - James Velante LPS-Belson s.t. 6
10 Bomern flag Bomern - Hans Janksen Team MDN s.t. 2

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