Schnysna is a Westrian manufacturer of motorized vehicles, with special emphasis on the upscale and luxury market, as well as heavy trucking machinery, passenger buses, and vans.

Schnysna is perhaps best known for their involvement in open-wheel racing, formerly in IAF Formula 1, and currently in ICARA, with good success. Famous past and current Schnysna drivers include such racing legends as Tsurutchit Vikarang, Stavros Del Ransom, Nikhlas Denim, Juan-Miguel Wolfganger and Curzon Havillant. Schnysna won the ICARA Constructors Championship in the 310AP and 311AP Seasons, and the Drivers Championship with Curzon Havillant in 311AP. Schnysna has also won the prestigious Ayrtona 500 race twice, in 304AP and 309AP.

The company is headquartered in Cronenbourgh, Westria, but has manufacturing and corporate bases all around Vexillium

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