Logo of the SEVI program

The SEVI Program (short for Search for Extra-Vexillian Intelligence) is a major scientific project conducted by the Free Confederate Community Space Agency (the FCCSA) and its partners. It has the purpose of searching for radio signals and other signs of possible intelligent alien life forms.

Interstellar travel allowing direct discovery and contact with intelligent aliens is a common theme in science fiction stories, but so far the obstacles to such journeys have been insurmountable. An alternative approach to achieving such a first contact is to survey the sky in hopes of finding transmissions from a civilization on a distant planet. However, such an effort has many obstacles: searching the entire nightsky for some far-away and faint signal is an exhausting - not to mention expensive - exercise. The potential benefits of such a program make it worthwhile, however.


Not a secret SEVI base.

The SEVI Program is undertaken by a number of bases throughout Vexillium, only one of which is under the control of the FCCSA: the former FCLR centre in the mountains of Western Gorami, Neoliliana.

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