Sempervirens Republic
Conventional short name:
 Local: Sempervirens, Sempervi
 Ingallish: ditto
 Capital: Sequoia
 Other: TBR
Government type: Republic
President: Michael Adums
Population: TBR Sempervians
Established: 15th of January, 299
Organizations: United Nations of Vexillium, Fiarrian League of Independent Nations and Territories

The Sempervirens Republic consists of the central and southern portions of the territory formerly known as New Merité on the continent of Fiarria. The capital city is Sequoia.


Sempervirens was colonized by Ingallish- and Liliance-speaking settlers. [TECH: Conjecture, given the names of the government members.]

On January 15th, 299, the United Nations of Vexillum Committee on Collapsed Nations announced the recognition of the Sempervirens Republic formed from the occupied territory of New Merité. Following the end if the rule of King Timothy II, the people of Sempervirens decided that one of the most important lessons learned from the occupation by Merité is the value if freedom. Therefore, when given the opportunity by the UNV committee, they decided to form a democratic republic independent of all outside rule. The guiding principals of the republic are respect, conserve, preserve and restore.


The government of the Sempervirens Republic consists of four important parts. The Executive includes the President, Vice-President, and the Council of Ministers. The Justice Department ensures that the government operates within its legal boundaries. The largest formal unit is the Assembly which defines the laws. And the largest and most important component is the people of Sempervirens.

The preliminary executives, until elections can be held are:

  • Michael Adums, President
  • Gregor Mendal, Vice-President
  • Veronica Valenza, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • John Wesley Powell, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • David Farragut, Minister of Defense



The highest symbol of Sempervirens is the Redwood Sequoia (Sequoia sempervirens), the tallest and widest tree on the planet. It gives the name to the country and appears also on its flag.

The Sempervian flag can be seen above. Blue stands for water and air, yellow for grain and the wealth of the land. A former flag can be seen on its diplomatic seal.

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