Shaelic Commonwealth
Union Shaelia Rugby Union
Nickname(s) The All Shaels
The Green Storks
The Green Roses
Ground New Republic Grounds
Coach Esul Ðobokae
Captain Eiyon Zaulau
Scw rugby kit home Scw rugby kit away
First international
Scwflag Shaelia X - NATION X
Largest win
Scwflag Shaelia X - NATION X
Worst defeat
Scwflag Shaelia X - NATION X
Appearances 2 (First in 308)
Best result 1st (310)
Official website
Union website

The Shaelia men's national rugby team represents Shaelia in international rugby. Rugby in the country is administered by the Shaelia Rugby Union. The Shaelia rugby team is currently ranked 1st in the world. They regularly participate in the VRB World Cup, which takes place every two years. The team is nicknamed Mas Šugraequem. The name best translates as The All Shaels or The Ideal Shaels. They have also been known as the Green Roses or the Green Storks, but both of these names have generally been replaced in favor of Mas Šugraequem over the last thirty years.

Shaelia is considered a major rugby power and one of the elite teams in the world.

Šugraeque - 1) an individual who proudly upholds the traditions and customs of the Shaelic culture; 2) an individual who embodies the best of all Shaelic characteristics; 3) a proud and courageous Shael; 4) a noble individual.

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