Shaelic Airlines
Shaelic air logo
Shaelic Air
Founded249 AP
HubsVisis International Airport (VIA)
Fleet sizexxx
DestinationsVexillium wide
Parent companyShaelic Airlines Holding Corporation
Company sloganMa Šugrae Inkobe
HeadquartersLat Shaele, Shaelia
Key people

Shaelic Airlines (CSE SHAL) (Shaelic: Šaeleaše) is Shaelia's flagship and largest airline carrier, and one of northern Eras's premier airlines. It was founded in 249. The airline is commonly known as Shaelic Air or Air Shaelia. Its headquarters are at Shaelic International Airport, in the country's capital of Lat Shaele, Caelia. The airline's motto is Ma Šugrae Inkobe, which translates to The Tiger Never Sleeps.

313 Update

With the collapse of the Shaelian government the fate of the industry is unknown.

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