Sky City (Coastal Kencari: Kencaree Skä; Lake Kencari: Kincari ha Skae; White Kencari: Kincari a Kei; North-Pocari: Skevŏ; South-Pocari: Heŋgarsavå; Coare: Sceompy; ... ; previously also known as Himmelstadt) is the former capital of Bowdani and the current capital of the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples (LUKP).


Archeological evidence suggests that at least two previous settlements were located at the current location of Sky City. The present city was probably founded around 800 BP as Kencaree Skä. Until the first century AP, the city was a Kencari stronghold and commercial centre. Settlers from other continents arrived at Smalik after the Plague struck, and many settled in Kencaree Skä, and the city became an important scene in the war between the settlers and the indigenous population in the 2nd century AP. After the indigenous tribes were overthrown, the city was renamed Sky City (or Himmelstadt), and in 235 was made the capital of the newly named Republic of Bowdani.