Solidarists' Party flag


Rgt.Hon. Alaino Ricohombre, leader of the Solidarists

The Solidarist Party of Aethelnia (generally referred to as solidarists) are a major political party in Aethelnia.

History Edit

The Solidarist Party was formed as the Communist party of Aethelnia in the run-up to the 302 general elections of Aethelnia. Which they lost. They later rebranded themselves as "Solidarists" in the run-up to the 305 general elections, because of to the negative connotation the word -communism- received in Aethelnia due to the actions of the People's Republic of Gronk on Eras. They lost the 305 general elections, though they did receive 10% of the votes. Currently in opposition.

Program Edit

Power to the people! Fight the system! Brotherhood amongst men! This party will take Aethelnia further left: Abolish the monarchy and introduce classless society, nationalize the economy, free health care and old-age pensions for all citizens. Watch out capitalism.

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