Below is a list of some Somerish placenames with their etymological backgrounds if known, with the earliest recorded forms (ERF) of the names, along with their pronunciation if not obvious. The abbreviation E means Estron, OS means Old Somerish.

Ackridge ['äkridj] LY "the field on the ridge". OS æcer, 'field', OS hrycg, 'ridge'. ERF Aecrige.

Arkendale ['a:köndeil] MA "valley of oaks". OS acena, gen. of 'oak', OS del, 'valley'. ERF Acendelle.

Arradawe ['ärödo:] EW "the meadows by the river Arra". E Araf, river Arra, 'the calm one', E dôl, 'meadowland', 'wide valley'. ERF Aradôl.

Audwy ['o:dwi] SI "where the river Aud ends". Aud, river name, E wyw, 'ending'. ERF Awdwyw.

Averbrawe ['eivöbro:] WI "the lowland region where people gather". E aethfed, 'gather', E bro, 'lowland', 'region'. ERF Aethfedbro.

Bramleigh ['brämli] BR "the open land where bramble grows". OS bremel, 'bramble', OS leah, 'open land'. ERF Bremleah.

Bray WI "on the hillside". E brae, 'hillside'. ERF Brae.

Bridglea ['bridjli] UA "the bridge in the open land". OS brycg, 'bridge', OS leah, 'open land', 'clearing'. ERF Brygeleah.

Brynglas ['briŋglas] WI "the blue hill". E bryn, 'hill', E glas, 'blue'. ERF Brynglas.

Calvern ['ko:lvörn] LY "the hill with hazels". E collen, 'hazel', E bryn, 'hill'. ERF Collfyrn.

Campton ['kämtön] CA "the homestead on the ridge". OS camb, 'ridge', 'comb', OS tun, 'homestead'. ERF Cambtune.

Colme [koum] SI "stone circle". E cylch, 'circle', E maen, 'stone'. ERF Cylhmen.

Cornant ['ko:nönt] CO "the chanting river". E côri, 'chant', 'sing', E nant, 'river'. ERF Corynant.

Covelant ['kavölönt] WI "the bend of the river". E cyfel, 'bend', E nant, 'river'. ERF Cyfelnant.

Coverbyn ['kavöbin] SI "opposite to the Isle of Milne". E cyferbyn, 'opposite to', E Melyn, Isle of Milne. ERF Cyferbynmelyn.

Curwich ['karidj] SY "the town by the riverbend". OS curban, 'bend'. OS wic, 'town'. ERF Curbewic.

Dawvellis [do'velis] FO "the temple of Dawf". Dawf, Estron personal name, E eglwys, 'temple' ERF Dawfeglwys.

Daylowe ['deilou] SI "the two lions". E deu, 'two', E lew, 'lion'. ERF Deullew.

Derlin ['derölin] WS (previously spelt Derrellin "the oak grove". E derw, 'oak', E lwyn, 'grove'. ERF Derwlwyn.

Douglan ['duglön] MA "the south shore". E dogleth, 'south', E glan, 'shore'. ERF Doglethlan.

Duffrin ['dafrin] MO "the valley". E dyffryn, 'valley'. ERF Dyffryn.

Estwith ['estwiþ] MO "rivermouth". E ystwyth, 'river mouth'. ERF Ystwyth

Ewst [ju:st] EW "settlement on the river Ewe". E Ewyn, river Ewe, 'the frothy one', OS sæti, 'settlement'. ERF Ewnsete.

Gangle LY "the river by the hazel". E gan, by', E cyll, 'hazel trees'. ERF Ganghyll.

Hillwy ['hilwi] FO "where the river Hiddle ends". E Hidl, river Hiddle, 'rich in water', E wyw, 'ending'. ERF Hidlwyw.

Lynnest ['linist] LY "the settlement around the river Lynne". OS Hlynne, river Lynne, 'the noisy one', OS sæti, 'settlement'. ERF Lynnesete.

Malgary ['mo:lgöri] FO "the peninsula of seals". E. morlo, 'seal', E. gorynys, 'peninsula'. ERF Morlogoryn.

Marstwith ['ma:stwiþ] MA "mouth of the river Mar". Mar, river name, E ystwyth, 'river mouth'. ERF Maraestwyth.

Marthen ['marðön] MA "homestead of the thane of Mar". Mar, old thanage ('lathe') in western Somery, OS thegn, 'thane', OS ham, 'homestead'. ERF Marthegnahame.

Meaham ['mi:öm] EW "the homestead with horses". OS mearh, 'horse', OS ham, 'homestead'. ERF Mearahame.

Melster ME "the fortified town with the mill". OS myln, 'mill', OS ceastre, 'fortified town'. ERF Mylnceastre.

Milltree MO "the mill by the tree". OS myln, 'mill', OS treow, 'tree'. ERF Milntrewe.

Noss WI "by the dashing waters?". OS cnossan, 'dash'. ERF Knoss.

Omma OM "the misty (river)". OS omma, 'mist'. ERF Omma

Prydwirth ['pridwö:þ] ER "beautiful place". E prydferth, 'beautiful', E le, 'place'. ERF Pridwerthe.

Shaurnsea ['sho:nsi:] LY "where the wind whispers". E siôre, 'rush of wind', E yn si, 'whispers', pres. tense of si. ERF Siorynsi.

Sherminny [shö'mini] FO "the town by the hill". E tre, 'town', E ar, 'by', E mynnyth, 'hill'. ERF Trearmynny.

Shird [shö:d] ME "ford on the river Shawe". E Siôin, river Shawe, 'the murmuring one', E ryd, 'ford'. ERF Sioryd.

Shirdover [shö'douvö] OM "land of water". E tir, 'land', E dwfr, 'water'. ERF Tirdwfre.

Stambeigh ['stämbi] WS "stone circle". OS stan, 'stone', OS beag, 'ring', 'circle'. ERF Stanbeagh.

Sumpton Hill SY "hill of the summer town". OS sumor, 'summer', OS tun, 'town', OS hyll, 'hill'. ERF Sumortunehyll.

Sweighmond ['sweimön] SU "the heavenly guarded". OS swegl, 'heaven, sky', OS mund, 'hand, guard'. ERF Sweglmund

Tostrith ['tostriþ] WS "the mouth of the river Tor". E Twrw, river Tor, 'the noisy one', E ystwyth, 'river mouth'. ERF Torstwyth.

Towen ['tauön] WI "on the seashore". E tywyn, 'seashore'. ERF Tywyn.

Towndon ['taundön] LY "the farmstead under the hill". OS tun, 'farmstead', OS under, 'under', OS dun, 'hill'. ERF Tunadun

Troswy ['troswi] LY "the end of the river Trost". E Trwst, river Trost, 'the noisy one', E wyw 'ending'. ERF Trwstwy.

Tueswy ['tju:swi] SI "the end of river Tue". E Tiwd, river Tue, 'the sandy one', E wyw, 'ending'. ERF Tiwswy.

Tulldover (Bay) [tal'douvö] LY "the calm water". E tawel, 'calm', E dwfr, 'water'. ERF Tawldwfre.

Twillingham MA "the town of the people by the river Toyle". E Tywyll, river Toyle, 'the dark one', OS ingas, 'people of', OS ham, 'town', 'homestead'. ERF Toilingahame.

Washford ['woshföd] WA "the ford on the river Wash". OS Wosce, river Wash, OS ford, 'ford'. ERF Wasceford.

Wednesbury ['wensbri] WI "the fort on the river Weden". OS Weden, river Weden, 'the blue one', OS burh, 'fort'. ERF Wednesburg.

Winster WI "the fortified town on the river Weden". OS Weden, river Weden, 'the blue one', OS ceastre, 'fortified town' ERF Wedenceastre.

Yeath [ji:þ] MO "rivers meeting". OS ea, 'river', OS gædrian, 'get together'. ERF Eagaedh.

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