Position Shirt No. Name Club
GK 1 Ronnill Clackwith
GK 13 Dennaigh Callish
DR 2 Rowall Brandithy
DL 3 Weill Amlough
DC 4 Tosh Mawne
DC 5 Ather Kinarian
DC 12 Newell Suthy
DC 14 Elbright Kincurrill
Midfielders / Wingers
MC 6 Dander Ardish
MR 7 Merwin Aidreth
MC 8 Ruishyn Leadworth
ML 11 Selwin Searts
MC 15 Reethe Ewvill
MC 16 Neal Bronwith
FW 9 Oshean Derrow
FW 10 Fernill Canean
FW 17 Wid Illish
FW 18 Cathery Titch
M - Keth Roswilt -

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