South Lake Football Club
Founded 199AP
Manager Carlos Antonna-Postiga
Region Saint Francisco Province
League Saint Samuel Division 1

South Lake Football Club are a football club based in South Lake, Saint Francisco province in St. Samuel and play in Division 1.

History Edit

Honours Edit

Stadium Edit


Current squadEdit

Number Nationality Player Position
1 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Rodriguez Lopez GK
2 VknlFlag Vingarmark Jan Van Den Loon DC
5 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Javier Cisco Alvaro DC
6 Flag-aethelnia Aethelnia Cassius Bastien DR
3 VknlFlag Vingarmark Kai Ruutu DL
Midfielders / Wingers
7 Prg-1- Gronkian Union Alexi Hammerov MC
4 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Alessandro Calvino MC
8 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Allonszo Venturi MR
11 Prg-1- Gronkian Union Lexi Rubikhanov ML
9 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Jaydo Calamantri FW
10 Flag-sempervirens-small Sempervirens Sascha Romanov FW
M StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Carlos Antonna-Postiga MGR
StSamuelFlag   Royal Samuelonia Football Association   StSamuelFlag
Royal Premier Division of Samuelonia
AC SolinaBretonium City FCEdmundrock FCAFC SaxoniaLeonforte FCFreundhampton FCGuildford City FCHackneymouth FCMariamburg City FCMariamburg United FCMonmouth City FCMontopauli FCOskalilly City FCRockhampton FCEllihammer City FCFrancguard FCBarnymouth FCSan Di Angelo FCTrollington FCVéoncy Bay FC Rochester City FCDartmouth FCBrighton Rovers FCIslaburg City FC

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