Sports in Porto Capital come under control of the Ministry of Education's Department of Sports. The Department promotes youth sports programmes, develop existing sporting facilities and all. Most sports federations in Porto Capital are controlled by a Secretariat - a section of the Department of Sports.


Association Football (in Aro-Extreman: Çutaredonda) is by far the most widely played game in Porto Capital. Professional football leagues existed in the former Empire of Mauretania and also in Brolecia and Extremo. Despite the formation of the People's Republic of Porto Capital in 301, it took seven years before a national league was formed. The reason for the seven-year delay was regarding who would go to the top and lower divisions of the new Lega Nazionall. After several methods were devised, chairmen from the various existing minor and state leagues finally agreed on a ranking system devised by the Ministry. The Lega Nazionaļ started in June 308 and is currently on its second season.

Porto Capital was the host of the 308 Copa Vexanova, managing to advance up to the second playoff round.

The Ministry of Education's Department of Sports' Secretariat for Football is headed by Patricio Patacoada.

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Rugby in Porto Capital is still a semi-pro sport, played mostly by college students. The Copa Nazionaļ dello Ragabe is the prime tournment in the country and will start in June 308.

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Camel RacingEdit

Camel racing is an exemple of a sport not managed by the Department of Sports. Instead, it is run by the private Oran Camel Racing League - which is also the de facto international organization for the sport. The League also organized the First Oran Camel Racing Cup in 306.


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Porto Capital in the VexgamesEdit

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