The Stratoval Realm 500 is one of Vexillium's most prestigious open-wheel racing event, and part of the "Jewel" 500 mile races on the ICARA calendar. It has also been traditionally the first race of the season, although for its first two runnings it wasn't.

The Stratoval Realm 500 is run on the Stratoval International Raceway in Stratoval, Kliffernia, Solánçe, and has been sponsored by Rhys-Locas from its inception in 301 until 312. The 313 race had to be cancelled due to damage sustained by Typhoon Bob, but resumed in 314 with new sponsor, Kyutsu Connect.

List of Winners: Edit

The table below lists the Stratoval Realm 500 Champions since the race's establishment in 301 AP.

List of Stratoval 500 Champions
Year # Driver Nation Team
317AP 36 Torbek Zladavka Lysempire Boltzer
316AP 14 Juan-Miguel Wolfganger Deucosm Veron
315AP 19 Romilly Elgin REZ Straymahq
314AP 6 Korana Setusu Utania Satoan
313AP (race not held)
312AP 22 Juan-Miguel Wolfganger Deucosm Rolfe
311AP 16 Madison Jeffreys ALM Parmiyon
310AP 3 Curzon Havillant IWKflag Schnysna
309AP 69 Bruno Maxim KTZ Xibalbá-Kunghai
308AP 26 Piet-Maria Caniz Deucosm Saqlain
307AP 17 Curzon Havillant IWKflag Parmiyon
306AP 4 Juan-Miguel Wolfganger Deucosm Schnysna
305AP 7 Korana Setusu Utania Valkan
304AP 2 Jonathan Bregenza Solanch Valkan
303AP 2 Hadra Lidiur Namuria Zerus-Icaro
302AP 29 Hadra Lidiur Namuria Zerus-Icaro
301AP 41 Gordon Sherwood Davflag Lorican

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