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Sukha is an emirate of Feniz. The capital of Sukha is Levitsky.

Geographic situation Edit

Sukha is the southern part of Feniz, situated southwest of the Central Longerathian Mountains. It has borders with Dascunya in the west, Phenixia in the northeast, Aethelnia in the east and Angliyaa in the south.

The main river of Sukha is the Lech which springs in the Central Longerathian Mountains, flows through Levitsky where it begins to be navigable, and runs toward the Sea of Blue Waters [TECH: to be checked].

Demographics Edit

Mokra has about 8 million inhabitants of Hoch ethnicy.

Cities in MokraEdit

History Edit

Mokra was the southern duchy of Hochlandia.

Landmarks and Tourism Edit

Many people use to visit the Carnival parade in Levitsky.

Economy and Transport Edit

Sukha's economy relies on agriculture.

FenizNationalFlag   Sultanate of Feniz   SchwertUndSaebel50
  Subnational Entities  
Emirates: Prall'Ist Anni-Esto | I'Para Lass-Puki | Ir'Mokra Id-Hochland | Ir'Sukha Id-Hochland | Municipal Emirate of Fenizabad
Autonomous Emirates: Autonomous City and Emirate of Ulnovabad | Bojarka (autonomy not yet agreed)
Tribes ranking as emirates: Ir'Fenis Myste-Gal | Ze'Borna Ti-Esto
  Special Relation Entities  
Protectorates: Autonomous Moun Republic of Fora Rifo | Principality of Rosardan
Associated Dascunyan States: Jezen | Terrablanca

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