Predecessor: King of Phoenicia Edit

Sabin of Scorpio (297-300) Edit

King Sabin became the first ruler of the territory when the Northern Phenixia Territories became independent under the Name Phoenicia. His reckless style of government caused heavy resistance and led to his dethroning by Sultan W'Infri-Ed.

Sultans Edit

Note: The Sultans of Feniz are ranking as kings and are therefore titled His Royal Majesty (H.R.M.). Their spouses are titled Her Royal Majesty the First Lady Of The Harem.

W'Infri-Ed (300-301) & B'Ih-Uncah Edit

W'Infri-Ed made himself sultan after dethroning King Sabin in 300. He was then the leading figure of a quartet of revolutionaries which comprised I'd Doo-Itt (became President of the Administrative Body, i.e. prime minister), Neer'Too-Gott (the Caliph of All Faithful), and I'Foundpat-Role (became President and CEO of Id'S-Oylof Feniz).

W'Infri-Ed was removed from office in 301 after his failure in the Champoise Case.

In 306, W'Infri-Ed returned into his nation's service once again as Commander-in-Chief of the defence operation against Dascunyan troops threatening Feniz.

I'd Doo-Itt (301 - 309) & Bri'Gitt-Ah Edit

In the beginning of the sultanate, I'd Doo-Itt served as prime minister. After W'Infri-Ed's fall, he became the first sultan to be elected, according to the constitution, by the Divan.

He died of a heart attack on April 5th, 309 AP. Official communiquee

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