Below is a list of persons who originate from the Free States of Tak.

Tak nationalityEdit

Although there has been some disorder establishing who has the Tak nationality since the formal independence in 308 AP, generally considered Tak nationals are:

  1. Ethnic Tak inhabitants of the Free States of Tak, i.e. those who are registered in one of the municipalities of Tak. In 308 these persons were all automatically given the Tak nationality.
  2. Non-ethnic Tak inhabitants of the Free States of Tak who were living in Tak at the moment of independence and who have explicitly requested Tak nationality so that they are now registered as such.
  3. Immigrants who have lived in Tak for at least 7 years and passed the naturalisation exam (so far there are none: in 316 the first people who fall in this category may come into existence)
  4. Ethnic Tak who don't live in Tak but requested the Tak nationality after 308.
  5. Ethnic Tak who died before 308. This is the vaguest condition, which refers most clearly to persons who lived in the area where the majority of the inhabitants were of Tak origin, and otherwise to famous Tak people.


The names in the following list are always listed with the personal name first and the family name last, no matter in what form the latter appears. The correct order of normal names is normally family name (in partitive singular) + first name, where as the correct order of honorific names is first name + ob + family name (in absolutive singular). Since this and the fact that a person can be allowed by his/her family to start carrying the honorific variant of the family name, would complicate putting persons in alphabetical order, the order below is chosen.

Wikivex pages referring to specific persons always have the system First name (Unaltered last name) (Profession), e.g. the basic title of nSiin Tom's page is Tom (Sin) (Car racer).

name family born died occupation remarks
Aat, nDuuɣu ~ Dug 16 July 277 Footballer
Bag, mBrrmb ~ Brf 6 September 287 Footballer
Ber ob Jak Jak 15 February 282 Footballer
Bɵɵt ob Til Til 28 June 265 Footballer Fitness coach
Bos ob Beŋ Beŋ 14 September 281 Footballer
Bos, nEel ~ El 25 November 268 Politician BL-spokesman
Bos ob Laar Laar 26 May 281 Cricketer
Bos ob Til Til 30 December 275 Cricketer
But ob Syk Syk 1 July 275 Cricketer
Ed ob Gys Gys 17 June 263 Diplomat Ambassador to Jilnovia 316-present
Ed ob Ɵɵt Ɵɵt 20 January 281 Cyclist
Ed ob Til Til 7 October 271 Playwright
Faak ob Beŋ Beŋ 19 January 262 Economist
Faak ob Ƕrt Ƕrt 26 September 259 Politician Parliament speaker
Fəs ob Beŋ Beŋ 23 June 217 8 November 298 Architect
Fəs ob Beŋ Beŋ 26 April 285 Cyclist
Fəs ob Brf Brf 23 December 242 Politician Prime minister 296-303 and 308-311
Fəs, nJaah ~ Jak 18 February 282 Cyclist
Ɣaap, nJaah ~ Jak 27 October 271 Event manager
Ɣaap, mǷѳѳŋ ~ Ƿѳŋ 23 April 287 Car racer
Ɣls, ŋGɵɵha ~ Gɵɵk 23 September 284 Footballer
Ɣls, nSyyh ~ Syk 22 January 288 Footballer
Ham ob Fook Fook 9 May 286 Footballer
Ham ob Vuup Vuup 20 September 280 Cricketer
Hol ob Dug Dug 30 May 265 Diplomat Ambassador to Caledon 315-present
Hol, ŋHuus ~ Hut 23 November 289 Footballer
Hol ob Ƕat Ƕat 13 June 286 Cricketer
Ƕɵɵk ob A A 16 August 260 Politician Foreign affairs minister
Ƕɵɵk ob Suup Suup 16 July 264 Diplomat Ambassador to Somery 316-present
Ƕɵɵk, mǷool ~ Ƿol 6 November 277 Car racer
Ig ob Deet (f) Deet 14 May 257 Diplomat Ambassador to Samuelonia 314-present
Im ob Det (f) Det 23 April 267 Diplomat Ambassador to Meckeln-Flamlandt 316-present
Lan ob Brf (f) Brf 14 July -17 25 September 32 Poet Spelling of Tak based on her work.
Lan ob Jak (f) Jak 23 March 280 Politician KL-leader
Mar ob Qaat (f) Qaat 17 July 263 Politician Prime minister of tak 311-present
Nom ob Fook (f) Fook 12 January 275 Actress supposed partner of nSiin Tom
Or, mFees ~ Fet 30 August 279 Footballer
Or, ŋǶɛɛfi ~ Ƕɛɛp 3 December 285 Cyclist
Or ob Səək Səək 5 December 265 Diplomat Ambassador to The Fold 316-present
Or ob Suup Suup 14 December 288 Cricketer
Ɵɵt ob Səək (f) Səək 6 February 256 Politician Minister of economic affairs
Paat, nDuuhu ~ Duuk 14 March 278 Politician noŋOŋ Ltens representative
Paat ob Fɛl Fɛl 16 March 280 Cricketer
Paat ob Qyp Qyp 29 February 284 Cricketer
Pak, nSuufu ~ Suup 31 October 292 Footballer
Pm, nAa ~ A 29 November 276 Car racer
Pm, ŋKoom ~ Kom 1 November 289 Footballer
Pm ob Ɵɵt Ɵɵt 18 October 261 Diplomat Ambassador to Porto Capital 316-present
Pm ob Sam Sam 25 December 284 Footballer
Pook ob Dah Dah 14 February 258 Diplomat Ambassador to Bomern 316-present
Pook, nLeef ~ Lep 28 August 279 Cyclist
Put, nIisi ~ Iit 16 May 284 Car racer
Put ob Sin Sin 4 October 257 Diplomat Ambassador to Lysonia 316-present
Qe ob Al Al 31 January 283 Cricketer
Qe ob Keg Keg 4 November 268 Composer
Qe, ŋKeeɣi ~ Keg 4 March 292 Car racer
Qe ob Kom Kom 2 November 259 Diplomat Ambassador to the GBR 315-present
Qɵɵt, nJaah ~ Jak 22 March 287 Footballer
Qɵɵt ob Keg Keg 12 March 279 Footballer
Qur ob Hut Hut 25 January 258 Diplomat Ambassador to Rovens 315-present
Qur ob Iit Iit 30 October 267 Politician Leader of BL
Rab ob Ƕɛɛp Ƕɛɛp 19 February 292 Footballer
Rab ob Ɵɵt Ɵɵt 17 August 255 Politician Mayor of Hoop
Rab, ŋQaasu ~ Qaat 25 May 290 Footballer
Ral, nIisi ~ Iit 2 October 284 Footballer
Rəəp ob Ƿol Ƿol 1 December 266 Footballer Coach national Tak team (315)
Rob ob Duuk Duuk 30 April 279 Cyclist
Rob ob Er Er 8 September 264 Politician Public health (& sports) minister
Rob ob Sam Sam 10 May 288 Car racer
Ryf ob Rllt (f) Rllt 18 May 244 Diplomat Unofficial UNV ambassador 316-
Sat ob Til Til 28 June 264 Politician Prime minister 307-308
So ob Ƿɵŋ (f) Ƿɵŋ 26 September 261 Diplomat Ambassador to Kukuria 315-present
Tom ob Al Al 18 December 291 Footballer
Tom ob Iit Iit 27 January 238 Politician Prime minister 290-295
Tom, nSaam ~ Sam 3 August 291 Footballer
Tom, nSiin ~ Sin 22 July 285 Car racer
Tom, mVeehi ~ Veek 11 November 270 Footballer
Tom ob Vuup Vuup 26 November 287 Footballer
Ƿis, ŋǶrrs ~ Ƕrt 16 January 269 Footballer
Ƿis ob Jak Jak 23 March 217 19 October 301 Politician Prime minister 260-270 and 274-279
Ƿis ob Rllt Rllt 9 June 261 Physiotherapist
Ƿyk ob Ƿɵŋ Ƿɵŋ 20 December 272 Architect
Ƿyk ob Det Det 7 August 260 Writer Biographer of Ƿis ob Jak
Yp, nDaaŋg ~ Dah 25 July 286 Footballer
Yp ob Gɵɵk Gɵɵk 24 April 278 Cricketer
Yp, ŋǶiimb ~ Ƕif 6 August 289 Car racer
Yp ob Vuup Vuup 14 September -139 2 January -66 Composer Composed Tak national anthem
Yp, mǷɵɵŋ ~ Ƿɵŋ 6 August 289 Footballer
Zot ob Syk Syk 5 November 289 Footballer
Zot ob Ƿol Ƿol 17 October 263 Diplomat Ambassador to Angliyaa 315 - present
Zot ob Vuup Vuup 17 August 276 Cricketer