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Secrets about "my" APWH

"Business is run in an open, relaxed, even jovial atmosphere."

Let me take this sentence from the official presentation of the APWH to start a description of what is really going on in the APWH headquarters.

The simplest way to look behind the curtain is to read what the Secretary wrote in his welcome address to a new member:

"Although we are only due to meet every month, the good relation between all member has made it a tradition to meet weekly. Starting after a good breakfast, we discuss things, then sit for a superb lunch followed by a sieta in the lounge (tradition founded by our Ensolelhadan Observer). After coffee, we discuss things (weather etc.), then prepare for the dinner (please wear your best suit). If you don't like the magnificent Levits'ky Theatre performances you can have a walk before the compulsory supper is held (do not wear your best suit).
"New members are invited to bring in some traditional foods or drinks whereas all other expenses are being paid for by the APWH. So do not hesitate to hold bilateral meetings as often as possible (for your stomach:-).
"Photo and Video as well as Cellphone Cameras are not allowed in the HQ building.
"Please state the name of your ambassador if possible. He may not be able to say it himself, after the Welcome Party."

Well, this all does not mean that the APWH were not able to do constructive work. They only did not succeed yet, there was no real work of importance to do, and this has had the de-motivating effect as described here, on myself, and mirrored back to the conduct of the APWH.

The WikiVex presentation of the APWH

The official website of the APWH

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