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How I came to play Feniz, my first steps and and my first surprises and disappointments

Joining The GameEdit

When I first encountered this game "ImagiNations" and the planet of Vexillium, it was not a question of interest to join but a question of time available for playing. As you see, the wish was bigger than the resources, i.e. I could not withstand playing but I hadn't the time. I invested lots of night hours which cost me my health - in terms of memory, or ability to remember - and nearly my partner. I am grateful that she still loves me. But this was not what I wanted to talk about.

Picking A CountryEdit

The second decision was to pick a country. As Bianca my wife is all for islands I headed for St. Kilda. I made plans and asked the former player, Philip, several questions. Then, suddenly, Philip discovered a new love for his country, and he reoccupied it.

Another Country NeededEdit

Now I had to find out which else of the available countries offered opportunities that meant something to me. I decided on Phoenicia. On the latest website, it looked like a desert. The desert promised oil, and oil was something I could hope to live upon comfortably. On this basis I developed the country which was soon renamed "Feniz", the makeshift indigenious name which the then APM preferred to Phoenicia.


One principle was to equip Feniz with facts and photos in order to get an idea how it "looks and feels". This includes:


How I envisaged the climate to be, and how it came out after global and local (topographic) assessment

After many months, I needed more information about Feniz' climate (maybe after the German airforce meteorological service was joined to the military geographic service I belonged to). I looked closely at real-world climatic maps and recollected my knowledge of how climate works. I found out that Feniz was not likely to be a desertuous land, and I realized that countries around the real-world equator tended to grow tropical rainforest... Well, in the end a small desert remained, together with lots of new problems.


I envisaged Feniz as a desert/nomadic state. But the ruling class is not the desert people but the Iparalaspuqui! To retain a "backward-compatibility", I had to make the Iparalaspuki a desert style people, too.

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