Teocapec (from teo, "city", and capec, "divine") is the capital of Xochimechatl. It is built on the plains in the island's central region.

Teocapec was constructed in the 2nd century BP to serve as an administrative centre for the Ilhuicatl Theocracy, which ruled the island at the time. Previously, the capital had been at Tulilopan, but this was deemed too remote (and "insufficiently grand"). The capital was officially moved to Teocapec upon the city's completion in 133 BP, and the city retained its status until 141 AP, when the island came under Lendian control. When Xochimechatl became an autonomous region of the newly independent Mari'im, Teocapec again became capital of the island, and remained capital when the island became an independent country once again.

Politically, Teocapec is one of Xochimechatl's eighteen largely self-governing political divisions. It is governed by a city council consisting of twenty-five members. Ten are appointed by Xochimechatl's nine governing temples — the temple of the High Theocrat appoints two, and the others appoints one each. The remainder are elected based on a district system. There are no significant political parties.

Teocapec is linked to the nearby city of Ravenniara, the economic centre of Xochimechatl, by the island's largest and newest highway. It is also a significant hub for air travel, although is somewhat overshadowed by Ravenniara.

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