Position Shirt No. Name Club
GK 1 Carroll O'Cooper
GK 13 Conor O'Deelter
DR 2 Connell O'Delver
DL 3 Kenny O'Dara
DC 4 Daig O'Dorshe
DC 5 Davin O'Dowsey
DC 12 Dary O'Fint
DC 14 Curnan O'Hebrie
Midfielders / Wingers
MC 6 Eamon O'Hookrie
MR 7 Owen O'Mangry
MC 8 Fergus O'Mangry
ML 11 Ciaran O'Tumdy
MC 15 Kinaid O'Turser
MC 16 Shillan O'Sneede
FW 9 Tevnin O'Slinder
FW 10 Sorley O'Shaplin
FW 17 Wayne O'Shelgrie
FW 18 Sheedy O'Meere
M - Shane O'Rea -

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