Theobroma United
Escudo theobroma
Full Name Theobroma United
Abv. THU
Nickname(s) "Bluebromos", "Dogues"
Mascot Arosian Dogue
Location Theobroma, Flag Cocoa Cocoa, Flag aros icone Aros
Founded 275Ap
Stadium Ceifaore Stadium
Capacity 63000
Chairman Vincente Balbeia
Manager Andi Tônie
Competitions LLO, Taça Aros
Last Campaign
LLO Titles 5 (287-288-295-300-309)
Theobroma kit

Theobroma United (also know as União Theobroma) is the most traditional club of Aros, dispute the Libertarians League One and has 5 titles of the National Championship. The club is the most olddest club of football elite of Aros, founded in 275Ap in the developed city of Theobroma, Cocoa. And it have an enviable collection of regional and national championship trophies, being the most feared and respected team in the country.

Theobrma Utd. is the richest club in the country, has always owned millionaire sponsorship contracts to maintain the level of performance of the team and its infrastructure. The club also has a large mass of fans, the second largest in the country, only behind Zarko FC. The support of their fans is great and serves as a great contribution to the club's revenue.

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