4th millennium BPEdit

  • c. 3950 BP -

3rd millennium BPEdit

2nd millennium BPEdit

  • c. 1900 BP - Liliani conquest of southern Longerath. The region of Tyrana absorbed into Liliani Empire.
  • 1906 BP - Hendowa crowned the first monarch of the Kingdom of Aldina
  • c. 1600 BP - A number of independant Liliani trade posts established on the eastern coast of Angliya. The most prominent being Falysium, Polonia and Arendelle.

16th Century BPEdit

  • 1526 BP - Tyranian rebellion against Liliani rule resulting in the founding of the Kingdom of Tyrana. Balbazur crowned the first King of Tyrana.
  • 1504 BP - Gethmere crowned the first monarch of the Kingdom of Lagod

15th Century BPEdit

  • 1496 BP - Valdagor crowned the first monarch of the Kingdom of Eldermere.
  • c. 1400 BP - Mass migrations of Cruisian Ingallish settlers begin arriving in eastern Angliya.

14th Century BPEdit

  • 1335 - 1330 BP - Ingallish invasion of Eldermere led by Renley Andermere, a Mystagallian noble, results in Andermere taking the Eldermirian throne.
  • 1322 BP - King Hadian makes Cruisianity the official religion of the Kingdom of Lagod

13th Century BPEdit

  • 1286 - 1283 BP - The War of the Nobles fought between the rival claimants of the Lagodian throne, Magius and Drustian.
  • 1204 BP The Counts War fought between forces loyal to Gondora and Davgun in the Kingdom of Lagod.

1st millennium BPEdit

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