200 AP - 300 APEdit

Year Date Event
210 June Frederik Varx forms the Communist People's Union, a coalition of the Dascunyan Communist Party, the Red Flag Party and the Socialist Unified Party. Varx storms to victory in the national elections winning 73% of the vote.
214 June Frederik Varx re-elected as President of Dascunya.
218 June Frederik Varx re-elected as President of Dascunya. General Fergus Gerrer begins the Dascunyan revolution in an attempt overthrow Varx.
222 November Varx is defeated in the Dascunyan revolution and Fergus Gerrer proclaimed President of Dascunya.
261 April Fergus Gerrer dies ending the 39 year reign of terror.
262 June Edgar Radomir of the Communist and Socialist Union (CSU) elected president.
266 June Edgar Radomir re-elected with a narrow margin.
295 June Peter Exner of the Progress Party elected President of Dascunya.
297 May Exner orders the arrest of opposition party politicians and proclaims Dascunya the Communist Republic of Uhlan.
298 June Second Civil War of Dascunya. Donald Subirats elected as president of the newly unified Dascunya.
298 July Free Confederation of Lendian Republics annexe the territory of Lok Islands.
299 March Alexander Shostakovich becomes President of Dascunya after the resignation of Donald Subirats.
299 September War of Dascunyan Sucession.

300 AP - 316 AP Edit

Year Date Event
300 April The signing of the Scevrenika Pact brings an end to the first phase of the War of Dascunyan Sucession creating the Federated States of Dascunya.
300 June Mikhail Traüser elected as president of Dascunya.
303 January The peace deal brokered in the Scevrenika Pact breaks down and sparking the continuation of the War of Dascunyan Sucession.
304 April The conflict spills over the border into Feniz.
304 June Fenizic troops occupy the state of Jezen.
305 February A joint Estontetsan/Fenizic peacekeeping mission is established in an attempt to bring the country under control. Fenizic Helmut Rosenkohl selected as the new interim President.
305 In an attempt to end the conflict Rosenkohl signs the D.E.F. Pact. However the treaty is strongly opposed by nationalist and communist groups in Dascunya and foreign occupation is strongly opposed.
307 January The communist Jezen Red Army claims responsibility for an explosion at the Fenizic embassy in Samuelonia.
308 Peter Exner returns from exile to unify a number communist and anti-Fenizic/Estontetsan groups. Exner orders the increase of attacks on Fenizic government institutions Vex-wide.

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