Early City State Period, 4000BP - 3000BPEdit

Year Date Event
3980 BP The village of Francisco founded by Samuelus in modern day western High Samuelonia province
3976 BP The village of Astercun founded in modern day Saint Sembus province
3970 BP The village of Correana founded
3965 - 3960 BP First Kylos-Samuelonian War
3960 BP Tiberius crowned King of Samuelonia
3958 BP The village of Amadonii founded in modern day Saint Omar province
3957 BP The Ebine tribe conquered by the Samuelonians
3956 BP The first Franciscan Wall is constructed, a 10 foot mud wall built around the village
3955 - 3946 BP Samuelonians conquer the Naithid tribe
3952 BP The village of Castatoni founded in modern day southern Correana province
3950 BP The village of Maluetti founded in modern day central High Samuelonia province
3947 VP The village of Avolki founded in modern day Saint Justiniannprovince
3943 BP The village of Madarum founded in modern day Saint Nicholas province
3940 BP The village of Vallcadini founded in modern day eastern High Samuelonia province
3939 BP The village of Collowsi founded in modern day Saint Zeus province
3938 BP Tiberius I dies of natural causes, Anticus I crowned King
3936 - 3931 BP Second Kylos - Samuelonian War
3933 BP Anticus I is defeated in battle by the Kylonians, leading to Francisco becoming surrounded. The siege on Francisco lasts two years
3931 BP Queen Samoria of Correana attacks the Kylonian forces around Francisco lifting the siege. The Samuelonians and Correanians are united through the marriage of Queen Samoria and the Samuelonian heir, Zeus
3930 BP The village of Jandemine founded in modern day Saint Jordinian province
3928 - 3925 BP Samuelonians and Correanians conquer the Phenisa tribe
3926 BP The village of Dubruk founded in modern day Saint Lysander province
3925 BP The Makian War fought between the four major clans of Makia.
3922 BP Anticus I dies of natural causes, Zeus I crowned king
3921 BP The second Franciscan Wall is built using mud and stone. The 20 foot high wall is constructed around the new city boundaries of Francisco encompassing the growing population of the city that now stands at around 40,000
3920 - 3900 BP The nomad tribes of the north-east, Makia, Lamandera, Muhtassa, Minbarri and Shuquilat tribes pledge their loyalty to Anticus I. The unification triples the size of Samuelonia. With the north-east nomad tribes part of Samuelonia, considerable resources put to defending the borders which the central tribes had fought with the nomad tribes for years
3896 BP Zeus I dies of natural causes, Queen Samoria divides Samuelonia and Correana between her two sons, creating two strong city states. Her older son, Theodorus becomes King of the Franciscan city state and Nobarius becomes King of the Correana city state.
3870 BP Theodorus I murdered by his cousin, Theodosius, who proclaims himself King of Francisco. Theodorus' son and rightful heir, Agathangelos flees to Correana.
3869 BP King Nobarius of Correana declares war on Francisco and proclaims Agathangelos the rightful King of Francisco
3864 BP Agathangelos leads an army of 20,000 Correanian's against Francisco but is defeated.
3845 BP Agathangelos leads an army of 35,000 Correanian's against Franciso. King Theodosius is defeated at the Battle of Red Rivers and Agathangelos' forces besieges the city of Francisco. The two month long siege ends when the gates of Francisco are opened by troops that turn on Theodosius I, who flee's the city to Isle of Marnga.
3800BP The Agon tribes settle on the Isles of Maria
3600BP The Gyrish Kingdom established on the Isles of Maria
3489 - 3483BP Castatoni War fought between the city states of Castatoni and Vallcadini
3479 - 3471BP Maluetti War fought between the city states of Maluetti and Vallcadini
3113 - 3009BP The War of the Five, fought between the five Noble merchant families of Vallcadini

Late City State Period, 3000BP - 2508BPEdit

Year Date Event

Early Kingdom Period, 2508BP - 1910BPEdit

Year Date Event
1910BP St. Samuel becomes a protectorate of the Liliani Empire

Middle Kingdom Period, 1910BP - 1000BPEdit

Year Date Event
1910BP Kingdom of Samuelonia becomes a protectorate of the Liliani Empire
1901BP Gyrish Kingdom conquered by Lord Wolfmere Di Maria and the Isles of Maria claimed on behalf of the Samuelonian Crown.
1376BP Cruisianity spreads across Samuelonia
1328BP Samuelonian Orthodox Church founded
1326BP 5th Nov Samuelonia is renamed the Kingdom of St. Samuel
1317BP Hantillius Rosarium becomes the first Patriarch of the Samuelonian Orthodox Church
1315BP 22 Jul Orthodoxy made the official religion of St. Samuel by King Maximus II
1130 - 1116BP King Zionidus I launches the Kyland Crusade.
1090BP Mounism spreads across the north-eastern provinces of St. Samuel
1059BP Abu Zafir unites the Mounist territories forming a coalition which became known as the Caliph of North-East Samuelonia
1053BP Abu Zafir made the first Caliph of North-East Samuelonia
1052 - 1050BP Lamanerda War fought between Mounist tribes of Lamanerda and Mounists loyal to Abu Zafir
1048 - 1042BP First Mounist War of Saint Samuel
1042 - 1039BP Mounist revolts against the Crown
1027 - 1020BP King Septimus pronounces the worshiping of Mounism sparking the Second Mounist War of Saint Samuel
1001 - 993BP Third Mounist War of Saint Samuel resulting in the formation of independence for the Caliphate of North-East Samuelonia

Late Kingdom Period 1000BP - 500BPEdit

Year Date Event
899BP Civil unrest between Mounist and Cruisian citizens in North-East Samuelonia leads to the Fourth Mounist War of Saint Samuel, resulting in the formation of the New Cruisian Kingdom in Muhtassa and Makia.
891BP 1st March Signing of the Bretonium Charter
885BP 15th June Creation of the Samuelonian Senate and the opening of the Grand Augustine Hall in Francisco
812BP Persecution against Cruisian citizens in Correana lead to the Fifth Mounist War of Saint Samuel, which became known as the Correanian War. The war lasts 4 years and resulted in the formation of the Cruisian Republic of Correana.
600BP The Empire of Liliana is dissolved by the Emperor. King Leo VII declares St. Samuel independent
587 - 578BP The Uestadenia-Samuelonian War
581BP Uestadenia conquer the Caliphate of North-East Samuelonia and New Cruisian Kingdom in 581BP
578BP Lord Bretonberg retakes the north eastern region of Samuelonia from the Kingdom of Uestadenia

500BP - 0Edit

Year Date Event
452 - 440BP Samuelonian-Anglyodascunya War
427 - 417 BP St. Samuel War of Independence
427 - 139 BP The Longerathian Wars
133 BP Angliyaa-St.Samuel War

1AP - 300APEdit

Year Date Event
161 - 172 AP Civil War of Saint Samuel

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