Tour of Samuelonia
Date March
Region St. Samuel and nearby countries
Discipline Road
Type Stage race (Grand Tour)
Organiser Samuelonian Cycling Federation
Race Director Freddy Di Ozzilburg

The Tour of Samuelonia is an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in St. Samuel, while also occasionally making passes through nearby countries. The race was first organized in 213AP as a Samuelonian inter-service bicycle race, between the army, navy, airforce, police and fire service. It is organised and run by the Samuelonian Cycling Federation. The race has been held annually since its first edition in 213AP. As the Tour gained prominence and popularity the race was lengthened and its reach began to extend around Vexillium. In 246AP, the race was opened up to amateur cycling clubs to enter. The Tour of Samuelonia became a professional race in 285AP as sponsorship grew due to the popularity across Samuelonia.


Tour of Samuelonia 216

The race is traditionally held during the month of March and lasts for four weeks. Whilst the route changes each year, the format of the race stays the same with the appearance of at least two time trials, the passage through the mountain chains of the Black Mountains and the finish on the Avenue of Hero's in Francisco. The current editions of the Tour of Samuelonia consist of 25 day-long segments (stages) over a 30-day period.


The peloton of the 311 Tour of Samuelonia climbing the Black Mountains

All of the stages are timed to the finish; after finishing the riders' times are compounded with their previous stage times. The rider with the lowest aggregate time is the leader of the race and gets to don the coveted burgundy jersey. While the general classification garners the most attention there are two other contests held within the Tour: 'the king of the mountains,' for the rider that performs the best overall in the mountain stages and the best under 23 cyclist.


Early Tour'sEdit


The founder of the Tour of Samuelonia, Major Henry du Mont

The Tour of Samuelonia was first contested in 213AP and was initially a Samuelonian inter-service bicycle race, between the army, navy, airforce, police and fire service. Major Henry du Mont came up with the idea to stage an endurance bicycle race between all of the Samuelonian services and became the founder of the Tour.

The first Tour of Samuelonia was a five stage race from 31 March to 5 April, starting in Francisco and stopping in Lyonaisia, Mariamburg and Véoncy before returning to Francisco. Hampton was added later to bring the tour to Saint Sembus. Stages would go through the night and finish the next afternoon, with rest days before riders set off again.

The first prize was set at S£12,000 and the prize for each day's winner at S£3,000. The winner would thereby win six times what most workers earned in a year.

The race finished on the edge of Francisco at Malestwyn Abbey, before a ceremonial ride into central Francisco and several laps of the Park of Princes. Arthur Boltburg of the Royal Samuelonia Armed Forces dominated the race, winning the first and last two stages, at 25.68 km/h. The last rider, Albert Nurunborg, finished 64h 47m 22s behind him.

The Tour growsEdit


Such was the passion that the first Tour created, Henry du Mont increased the length of the Tour to 10 stages held over three weeks. Each year, the crowds grew larger and larger and the event became an annual spectacle closely followed by hundreds of thousands of Samuelonians.

In 220, King Louis III announced that he would be attending the Tour and for the first time, the Tour's final stage ended at the famous Avenue of Hero's in Francisco, where Lucifer Di Argyle of the Royal Samuelonian Police Force was the victor in front of the King and thousands of spectators.

In a further bid to test the endurance of competitors, du Mont announced a number of mountain stages and from 223, the Black Mountain ranges became a permanent fixture of the Tour.

After the death of Henry du Mont in 225, the running of the Tour was taken over by the newly founded Samuelonian Cycling Federation. The 226 Tour saw the organisers present the 'Henry du Mont Trophy' for the first time to Tour winner, Lucifer di Argyle.

The later ToursEdit


In 246AP, the race was opened up for amateur cycling clubs to enter, in a bid to bring greater interest and sponsorship to the event.

Five amateur cycling clubs joined the 246 Tour, which were Mariamburg Royals, Royal Cycling Club of Francisco, Charlemont Cavillers, Donaldheim Saints and Francguard Rifles. From 246 to 260, Donaldheim Saints and Francguard Rifles became formidable teams and dominated the annual event.

The new TourEdit


With interest in the sport at a new high, the organisers took the decision to make the Tour a professional event. Team riders were now full time cyclists and club sponsorship was huge with companies desperate to get advertising space on jerseys and team kit.

The format of the Tour changed to a 25 day-long segments (stages) over a 30-day period.

In 313 the Samuelonian Cycling Federation changed the rules to allow non-Samuelonian nationals to enter the event and a number of clubs were quick to sign foreign cyclists.

The following year the Federation announced for the first time that non-Samuleonian teams would be allowed to enter teams into the event, with Lysonian team, Sephak Cyclers, the first non-Samuelonian club to announce its intention to enter the prestigious event.

Previous WinnersEdit

Tour of Samuelonia Winners
Year Rider Team
213 Arthur Boltburg StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
214 William Di Burlingham StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
215 Vincent Farringdon StSamuelFlag Royal Samuelonian Navy
216 William Di Burlingham StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
217 William Di Burlingham StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
218 George Kentdale StSamuelFlag Royal Police Force of Samuelonia
219 Onslow Maddinghurst StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
220 Lucifer Di Argyle StSamuelFlag Royal Police Force of Samuelonia
221 George Lysoria StSamuelFlag Royal Fire Service of Samuelonia
222 Marco Sanronassi StSamuelFlag Royal Samuelonian Navy
223 Morton Torpoint StSamuelFlag Royal Police Force of Samuelonia
224 Frazer Barnderburg StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
225 Louis Gondorheim StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
226 Lucifer Di Argyle StSamuelFlag Royal Police Force of Samuelonia
227 Samson Lillywick StSamuelFlag Royal Samuelonian Navy
228 Oscar Gondorheim StSamuelFlag Royal Armed Forces of Samuelonia
229 Giorgio Di Ozzilburg StSamuelFlag Royal Police Force of Samuelonia
230 Giorgio Di Ozzilburg StSamuelFlag Royal Police Force of Samuelonia
Tour of Samuelonia Winners
Year Rider Team
313 Georgio Cruisdale StSamuelFlag Team San Di Angelo
314 Jean-Marie Vincolin Davflag Sælens-Biëri-Senteck
315 Franc Ordencourt StSamuelFlag Red Buffalo Racing


Prize MoneyEdit

  • 1st Place - S£1,000,000
  • 2nd Place - S£500,000
  • 3rd Place - S£250,000
  • 4th Place - S£100,000
  • 5th Place - S£90,000
  • 6th Place - S£70,000
  • 7th Place - S£50,000
  • 8th Place - S£30,000
  • 9th Place - S£20,000
  • 10th Place - S£10,000
  • King of the Mountains - S£500,000
  • Best under 23 - S£150,000
  • Individual Stage Winner - S£50,000

Previous ToursEdit

314 Tour of SamueloniaEdit

See 314 Tour of Samuelonia

The route of the 314 Tour of Samuelonia was released in early February 314. The Samuelonian Cycling Federation announced that the Tour would see two stages held in Angliyaa and one stage in Solanchatka for the first time and will also pass through Trinia during stage 2.

Tour of Samuelonian 314
Stage Course Type Distance
1 Gildenport - Oskalilly Timetrial Time Trial 193km
2 Vandenburg - Sancarin Flag-trinia - Montmanuel Mountainstage Mountain Stage 241km
3 Vulnabroëk Sck1 - Viltensvlick Sck1 Flatstage Flat Stage 236km
4 Avendorf - Skoldmark Mountainstage Mountain Stage
5 Rohanheim - Calvona Flatstage Flat Stage
6 Ellihammer - Lyonsburg Mountainstage Mountain Stage
7 Fort Scotia - Saint Ellys Angliyaaflag Timetrial Team Time Trial
8 Malstyn Angliyaaflag - Tolino Angliyaaflag Flatstage Flat Stage
9 Fort Jamestown - Omar Pines MountainstageMountain Stage
10 Durenburg - Ingledorf Flatstage Flat Stage
11 Ibelin - Woodgate Hillstage Hill Stage
12 Somesta - San Mossia Hillstage Hill Stage
13 Hornguard - Lorsica Flatstage Flat Stage
14 Mariamburg - New Hastings Flatstage Flat Stage
15 Darwinsburg - Atlantica Heights Timetrial Time Trial
16 Dalmandy - Saint Ducreux Flatstage Flat Stage
17 Arbourne Wood - White Harbour FlatstageFlat Stage
18 Capri Dumont - Rockhampton Hillstage Hill Stage
19 Rockhampton - Villa Ardina Mountainstage Mountain Stage
20 Zaloempoli - Emiliano Mountainstage Mountain Stage
21 Unionburg - Fenchurch Mountainstage Mountain Stage
22 Edbourne Vale - Sutton Hillstage Hill Stage
23 Richmond - Port Eden Timetrial Team Time Trial
24 Dominic Bay - Rossalyne Flatstage Flat Stage
25 Charlemont - Francisco Flatstage Flat Stage

314 ResultsEdit

Cyclist Team Time UVCI
1 Davflag Davenport - Jean-Marie Vincolin Sælens-Biëri-Senteck
2 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Eddard Lillywick Francguard Rifles
3 UTFNNational United Territories - Jerrold O'Bellicks Kukurian Koffee
4 Lysempire Lysonia - Merek Ben Havlin Pharmaceutical
5 Bomern flag Bomern - Benk Bieltsen Team MDN
6 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Karsten Lillywick Francguard Rifles
7 Sck1 Solançe - Derek Demichaude Credit Santrop
8 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Hugh de Montague Arlington Arrows
9 Bomern flag Bomern - Hans Janksen Team MDN
10 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Franc Ordencourt Red Buffalo Racing

313 Tour of SamueloniaEdit


313 Tour of Samuelonia

The route of the 313 Tour of Samuelonia was revealed in February 313, beginning in Altaria, Saint Lysander and finishing in Francisco, High Samuelonia. The route contains three time trials, thirteen flat stages and nine mountain stages.

The 313 Tour covers a total of 4,950 km over the 25 stages and passes through 22 of St. Samuel's provinces.

Tour of Samuelonian 313
Stage Course Type Distance
1 Altaria - Ellacordoba Time Trial 180km
2 Mytiania - Angliona Mountain Stage 198km
3 Santa Marco - Karsten Flat Stage 205km
4 Emiliano - Monte Sassario Mountain Stage 188km
5 Eldinangelo - Kasselburn Flat Stage 211km
6 Dagenhelm - Solina Flat Stage 219km
7 Ewell - Augustenburg Flat Stage 202km
8 Kingston - Zanobia Flat Stage 225km
9 Majina - Naddia Mountain Stage 197km
10 Dasyia - Isadora Flat Stage 188km
11 Hassa Paqor - Helvannica Mountain Stage 190km
12 Sarradina - Cala Issa Mountain Stage 233km
13 Shinobi - Elyburg Flat Stage 201km
14 Medina - Cabira Flat Stage 187km
15 Brandenholm - Fort Scotia Time Trial 196km
16 Fort Arnsborough - Saint Germanier Mountain Stage 179km
17 Adelbrecht - Calvona Flat Stage 205km
18 Falkenburg - Glenview Flat Stage 194km
19 Linton - Montfort Mountain Stage 191km
20 Velémont - Tommensburg Mountain Stage 184km
21 Adrienople - Edmundrock Flat Stage 194km
22 Avendorf - Litortorino Mountain Stage 208km
23 Litortorino - Bretonium Time Trial 160km
24 Windhelm - Gran Vittoria Flat Stage 231km
25 Hamilton - Francisco Flat Stage 184km

313 ResultsEdit

Cyclist Team Time UVCI
1 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Georgio Cruisdale Team San Di Angelo
2 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Franc Ordencourt Team San Di Angelo
3 Tz civil Eastern Zartania - Dardeny Nyset Eastern Zartania Royals
4 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Eddard Lillywick Francguard Rifles
5 Sck1 Solançe - Maurice Bergeault Petra Principat Zvervit
6 Sck1 Solançe - Stephen Kenton Omonia Samsarini
7 Flag-aethelnia Aethelnia - Edric Sunnywood Avendorf Raiders
8 Bomern flag Bomern - Benk Bieltsen Team MDN
9 Ras Ras Lanarch - Rocco Abernathy Lanarchian Sardines
10 Sck1 Solançe - Luc Mercél Omonia Samsarini

Current TeamsEdit

Mariamburg Royals CCEdit


Royal CC of FranciscoEdit


Trollington Wheelers CCEdit


Team San Di AngeloEdit


Team CharlemontEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Harvey Coburg
  • StSamuelFlag Loui Santini

Avendorf RaidersEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Mason Dunderside
  • StSamuelFlag Nathan Aldington

Bretonium Ironside CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Aston Vendamere
  • StSamuelFlag Loman Cartfort

Charlemont Cavillers CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Ethan Wendonbridge

Stamford Demons CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Leonardo Farthingholme

Donaldheim Saints CCEdit


Guildford Rhinos CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Fulton Kenwick

Arlington Arrows CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Miles Underwood
  • StSamuelFlag Karsten Tywin
  • Slka Vil Nauzin

Orangeborg CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Leicester Barrontyne
  • StSamuelFlag Dale Hotthingwood
  • StSamuelFlag Sinton Henrick

Francguard Rifles CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Brondin de Montague
  • StSamuelFlag Leyton Portman

Sarradina Scorpions CCEdit


Chichester Chaos CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Lynton Balderwick

Ottadorf Kings CCEdit


Königsberg Dragons CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Austin Unwyn

Freundhampton CCEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Luton Onslow-Dale
  • StSamuelFlag Ollie Haydenburg
  • Flag-lendosa Taurus Alvaro
  • StSamuelFlag Albie Kaynewood

Rockhampton Royals CCEdit


Team MDNEdit

  • Utania Edward Boekema
  • StSamuelFlag Harvey Artoncourt
  • Bomern flag Benk Bieltsen
  • Bomern flag Hans Janksen


  • StSamuelFlag Ryguard Espenburg
  • Somnat1 Merchill Wesprie
  • Angliyaaflag Kurt Lensderman
  • StSamuelFlag Orton Bemondsworth

Red Buffalo RacingEdit

  • StSamuelFlag Franc Ordencourt
  • Mandfflag Klawes Tönjesen
  • Utania Rob Swan
  • Flag-cruisana Theo Johanssen

Sephak CyclersEdit

Team Colours: Purple & Gold

  • Lysempire Darel Mel
  • Lysempire Sean Berekin
  • Lysempire Nol Seleft
  • Lysempire Tel Klen

Havlin PharmaceuticalsEdit

Team colours: Purple & Blue

  • Lysempire Merek Ben
  • Lysempire Toreth Khan
  • Lysempire Glin Tevet
  • Lysempire Gorbin Mor

Blue Ox Energy TeamEdit

Cycling jersey-01
  • Sck1 Emil Rothelia
  • Wes-1- Ross Rik ten Zarlitz
  • Sanx Freddi Muelltodt
  • Wes-1- Van Katzinger


Cycling jersey-02
  • Dra-1- Curtis Colber
  • Sanx Tolbert Veizman
  • Wes-1- Dexter Normandell
  • Deucoland Gunther Leon


Cycling jersey-03
  • Wes-1- Iannis Roderill
  • Chungxipang Kent Nitavia
  • Chungxipang Marc Vinitawa
  • Sck1 Otis Landaulent

Chillycoffey AssociatesEdit

Cycling jersey-04
  • Iwk Burton Lindalf
  • Wes-1- Frizkar Spunken
  • Kalesthesia Ken Salvin
  • Wes-1- Silvester Ranbock

Credit SantropEdit

Cycling jersey-05
  • Sck1 Derek Demichaude
  • Sck1 Greg Burtin
  • Davflag Richard Remy
  • Sck1 Gunner Rudon

Funkleist SpurwayEdit

Cycling jersey-06
  • Sck1 Otto Jeffert
  • Aethelnia flag Leo Clemencourt AET


Cycling jersey-07
  • Wes-1- Graham Abrahall
  • Babenbay Hartley Kucera
  • Chungxipang Saburo Tie
  • Flag-cruisana Harold Kinley

Hillel DüsenkillEdit

Cycling jersey-08
  • Wes-1- Jennick Jaeckelen WES
  • Wes-1- Morton Buffinger WES
  • Wes-1- Hisham Aurell WES
  • Babenbay Peter Bertezek BAB


Cycling jersey-09
Kasvria & Savarai
  • Uuu Iggy Ingalura UUU
  • Kands Istvan Vernic
  • Babenbay Boris Sedlak BAB
  • Kands Igor Kushvili

Kukurian KoffeeEdit

Cycling jersey-10
  • Iwk Towson Tiffin
  • Wes-1-Rexnor Romaath
  • Utfn Jerrold O'Bellicks
  • Iwk Nelson Dännick

Lager & FuselageEdit

Cycling jersey-11
  • Wes-1- Cory Cliffonzaller WES
  • Deucoland Carlos Sandau DEU
  • Sck1 Liam Destacey SCK
  • Wes-1- Johnny Jolynelly WES

Lanarchian SardinesEdit

Cycling jersey-12
Ras Lanarch
  • Wes-1- Alexander Lancelon
  • Ras Rolf Gavill
  • Ras Kell Kirkeby
  • Ras Rocco Abernathy

Omonia SamsariniEdit

Cycling jersey-14
  • Lombriga Valentin Chalexis
  • Sck1 Luc Mercél
  • Sck1 Frazer Vanthuro
  • Sck1 Stephen Kenton

Oxmont AirlinesEdit

Cycling jersey-15
  • Kalesthesia Galen Silan
  • Djeriga Imran Alfreedi
  • Kalesthesia Milak Malek
  • Kalesthesia Trent Titian

Petra Principat ZvervitzEdit

Cycling jersey-16
  • Sck1 Arnold Juran
  • Sck1 Maurice Bergeault
  • Sck1 Quentin Solange
  • Sck1 Sigmond Deletraz


Cycling jersey-17
  • Deucoland Franziskus Montos
  • Deucoland Hans-Dieter Orosco
  • Deucoland Fito Munch
  • Deucoland Axel Bernd Cruz


Cycling jersey-19
  • Deucoland Laurenz Demerca
  • Nko-1- Kemal Nilongo
  • Deucoland Klemens De La Pina
  • Deucoland Juan Maria Klietzke


Cycling jersey-20
  • Lombriga Guido Pedrigna LOM
  • Lombriga Jonathan Bambi LOM
  • Wes-1- Hallbart VanEvall WES
  • Davflag Jean-Marie Vincolin DAV


Cycling jersey-21


Cycling jersey-22
  • Lombriga Kevin Alici
  • Sck1 Roland de Robent
  • Sck1 Grayson Adalony
  • StSamuelFlag William Tyleman


Cycling jersey-23
  • Flag-portocapital Piero Jonardo PCL
  • Wes-1- Ty Venderkliuff WES
  • Angliyaaflag Wim Wilberick ANG
  • Chungxipang Bruce Thandana CXG


Cycling jersey-24
  • Sck1 Percy Douglandel
  • Angliyaaflag Fitch Corry
  • Nko-1- Ngondo Cherassa
  • Deucoland Kurt-Hubert Delmiero


Cycling jersey-25
  • Dra-1- Tevon Delling
  • Chungxipang Bruno Ikenshi
  • Chungxipang Vincent Zibeki
  • Chungxipang Zack Yachinga

Team ZBC-TophatEdit

Team Sponsors: Zartanian Broadcasting Corporation; Tophat Productions Team Colors: Blue and gold