National Flag of the Realmsdominion Tundraska


Map of the Realmsdominion Tundraska and adjacent Realmsprotectorates Kiptilskaya and Futuronian Glaciaria

Tundraska is a Realmsdominion of the Greater Burovian Realm, located on the continent Glaciaria.  It was formerly known as Westrian Glaciaria.  The capital city is Kinnarit, named after the first human to reach the South Pole, legendary Islandian explorer Madam Kinnarit Amundsdottir.
Glaciaria Flag   Glaciaria   Glaciaria Flag
Dependencies: ChungLeixiaIslandian GlaciariaLexican GlaciariaTundraskaZartanian Glaciaria
Disputed territores: Fort CapitalGronkian GlaciariaFormer territories: GuadacoaLendian GlaciariaWhilandian Glaciaria
Other topics: Glaciaria ConventionGuadacoa crisisKinnarit Amundsdottir

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