Ulnovabad is the short name of the Autonomous City and Emirate of Ulnovabad, "the jewel of the west coast" as it is called in the neighbourhood, and belongs to Feniz. The name of the castle, Ulnovograd, is also the Ulanovan name for the city.


The map shows Ulnovabad and its relation to Feniz, across the Futuronian Ocean. The size of the Ulnovabadish territory is slightly exaggerated.

Geographic situation: Edit

Ulnovabad is situated at about 15° of northern latitude and 10°30' of eastern longitude on the Futuronian coast of the continent Eras (the Old Continent). From the northern border of the Dominion of Sehria, it streches 28 km to the north, as a northward prolongation of the Sehrian Northern Projection, and from the coast, it measures 29 km inland as a maximum.

Two islands, Neydernor (the larger one) and Kumbor, protect a roadstead which contains the smallest island, Rumbalt. To the south, the Dogra Peninsula projects into the sea.

[TECH: The names allude to these real-world locations: The East Frisian islands Norderney, Borkum and Baltrum and the wonderful Italian town Grado on the Adriatic Sea.]

History: Edit

From the early past, the region of Ulnovabad belonged to Merité until 298 AP when this state broke down. From 299 it belonged to Wesmeria as one of the successor states which was under Christianan rule, and after the division of Wesmeria it formed part of Eichensehria, at one time called Defender.

In 302, the Principality of Cimera which included Ulnofshire with the Ulnovabad region was detached from Eichensehria. The new government decided to sell Ulnofshire to TDCorp, with the exception of the city and surroundings of Ulnovabad which came under Fenizic rule as an emirate, due to the concentration of almost all Cimeran Mounists in this city, under a treaty as of March 25, 302. In turn, Cimera aquired three islands off the Fenizic coast. The land swap with TDCorp, however, has never been finalized.

Government: Edit

Ulnovabad is governed by an Emir Ombda (Lord Mayor) and three councils:

  • Chamber of Judicature (the supreme court)
  • Chamber of Legislature (the general parliament)
  • Chamber of Commerce (a special parliament)

The city of Ulnovabad with its surroundings forms an emirate of the Sultanate of Feniz wich enjoys extensive inner autonomy, the scope of which exceeds that of usual Fenizic cities. Among other things, the emirate administration comprises

  • the Metropolitan and Border Police
  • the Autonomous Tax and Customs Authority which is to secure the fiscal, financial and economic independence of the emirate from Feniz,
  • the Ulnovabad Hydrographic Office which includes
    • the administrations of the Ulnovabad Fastport (dutiable but fast) and the Ulnovabad Freeport (not so fast but exempted from duty)
    • the Pilotage Service
  • the Ulnovabad Post Office which is issuing Ulnovabad's own stamps
  • the Ulnovabad Aeronautical Authority (UAA) comprising
    • the state airline Air-U which operates
      • Ulnovabad International Airport

"Diplomacy" Edit

The Chamber of Commerce may establish so-called Commercial Missions, a specialized type of diplomatic representation. These often seem to work like real embassies, a source of frictions between Ulnovabad and the Administration of the Sultanate because the proper diplomatic representation of Ulnovabad is executed by the Foreign Vizakhra and the Royal Fenizic Missions.

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