Union of Vexillium Cycling International or UVCI is the governing body for sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events. The UVCI is based in Véoncy, Samuelonia.

The UVCI issues racing licenses to riders and enforces disciplinary rules, such as in matters of doping. The UVCI also manages the classification of races and the points ranking system in various cycling disciplines including mountain biking, road and track cycling, for both men and women, amateur and professional. It also oversees the UVCI ProTour.

UVCI Vwxillium TourEdit

The UVCI Vexillium Tour or ProTour is a series of road bicycle races held across Vexillium, organised by the UVCI. The ProTour was founded in 314 by UVCI President, Jaques Mardonburg. The ProTour comprises a number of 'ProTour' cycling teams, each of whom are required to compete in every round of the series.

The current Grand Tour's consist of:

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The UVCI also hold a number of one day Classic events.

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