The United Territories National Cup is a football competition open to all football clubs in the United Territories of Fiarria and Nuarmia. The competition is of a knockout, single elimination, format where teams are drawn against each other randomly (no seedings are present).

In the draw, the team who is drawn first from each tie is the home team. If the first match finishes a draw then a replay is played at the stadium of the second team. In the replay, if the scores are still level, extra time is played and penalties to decide the winner of the tie. The Semi-Final matches are played at neutral stadiums, usually the national stadium. The Final is also played at the national stadium.

Clubs in United Territories Divsion 2 and United Territories Division 3 qualify automatically for the first round, along with eight non-league teams. Teams in United Territories Division 1 and the United Territories Premiership have automatic byes to the third round.

Past FinalsEdit


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