The United Territories Premiership is the top division within the current structure of United Territories football.

The League is somehwat unique in that it operates a "split league format". Under this system, after 33 games (i.e. when every club has played every other club 3 times, either twice away and once at home, or vice versa), the division is split into 2 halves, and clubs play a further 5 matches, against the teams in their half of the division, taking their total to 38 games. This can (and often does) result in the team placed 7th having a higher points total than the team placed 6th, because their final 5 games are considerably easier.

Providing they meet certain criteria to do with their stadium it is still possible for clubs to be promoted from the United Territories Division 1.

Originally the league contained 10 clubs, but it subsequently enlarged to 12.

Beginning in 317AP, the season schedule was changed to follow the calendar year, beginning in February and running until November.

Current MembersEdit

Previous Season SummariesEdit

Season Winner Runner-Up Relegated Top Scorer Players Player Writers' Player
301/02Douglas Celtic Glen Innes HibernianJohnstoneSéamus Macghileagh 29 (Celtic)Alec Sykes (Docklands)Bill Stephenson (Stein Utd)
302/03Glen Innes HibernianDouglas CelticNo RelegationSéamus Macghileagh 28 (Celtic)Irvine Boyle (GI Hibs)Irvine Boyle (GI Hibs)
303/04Douglas CelticGlen Innes HibernianSt. MungoSéamus Macghileagh 30 (Celtic)Tommy Johnson (Celtic)Dean Thayill (Spean)
304/05Glen Innes HibernianDouglas CelticPehs F.C.Tommy Johnson 25 (Celtic)Tommy Johnson (Celtic)Tommy Johnson (Celtic)
305/06Douglas CelticFortress F.C.Grantham StarAlan Kean 32 (GI Hibs)Jack O'Mahoney (Celtic)David Bragg (Fortress F.C.)

Season SchedulesEdit

317AP United Territories Premiership schedule

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