The United Territories of Fiarria and Nuarmia
Conventional short name:
 Local: United Territories
 Ingallish: United Territories
Data codes: UTFN, UNT
 Official: English
 Others: Armatirian
 Capital: Uniontown
 Other: Douglas, Shirley
Government type: Unitary Republic
President: TBA
Area: n/a
Population: TBA Territorians
Established: 299
Currency: UTFN Pound
Organizations: United Nations of Vexillium (Observer), FLINT, ITCV



In 300AP, the President of the United Territories was Eamonn Collins.

Administrative DivisionsEdit

At the time of independence in 299AP, the Watts and Mealing Territories were divided into two administrative Territories (Watts and Mealing), which were then administratively subdivided into smaller counties.

Political PartiesEdit


Located on the continents of Nuarmia and Fiarria, the UTFN has a rich history that involves not only its Meritéan colonial past, but significant Kildan and Cruisanan influences.

Colony of New MeritéEdit

Prior to 297AP, the Kingdom of Merité established the colony of New Merité on the New Continents.


Following the collapse of the Meritéan government in 298AP, the former colonial administration in New Merité met with the United Nations of Vexillium Committee on Collapsed Nations (UNVCOCN) and successfully negotiated their accession to independence.

Watts and Mealing TerritoriesEdit

On Friday, 29 January 299AP, the Watts and Mealing Territories declared their independence and hoisted their flag for the first time over lands that are today the UTFN. The national capital was in the Nuarmian city of Douglas, though there was a secondary capital on the Fiarria side of the straits in the Watts Territory, Glen Innes.

United TerritoriesEdit


The Territories are a tropical paradise with a lot of historical sites. No mountains to speak of, and only small rivers, but there are some great islands, and pristine beaches. Rumour has it that one was considered in 300AP as the site for a new reality TV show that would have pitted contestants against each other... "Gilligan's Survivor." Not too much jungle in parts of the Territories either. A lot of it was cleared for agriculture during the Meritéan period. It's also convenient as a place to access either the huge forests of Sempervirens, or the untouched jungles of New Armatirion (enter at your own risk!).[1]

The Langbroek River is historically and culturally significant in the Mealing Territory.


National SymbolsEdit


Straddling the ocean, the Territories are a tourist port and the hub of tourism in western Fiarria and Numaria. Small ferries provide cheap and quick transport along the shallows. Vexillium's Great Barrier Reef runs along the coast of Mealing.

No wonder tourism is the booming industry in the Territories![2]


United Territories Football Association

According to the Territories' Government, "Historically, the peoples of the east bank of the Langbroek [River] have proven to be the best soldiers and fighters of all the peoples of the Motherlands, a trait that seems genetically bred after years of conflict."




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