Upper Avonshire
Area 37,979 sq.kms (4)
Population 2,400,000 (3)
Pop.density 63/ (10)
Shire seat Bridglea
Boroughs 3
Hundreds 17
Mail code UA
Motto Cottidie unum malum
An apple a day

Upper Avonshire is a shire of Somery. The shire occupies the southern part of lathe Avillion, being its old heartland. The centre is made up of the Avillion Evens watered by the rivers Avon and Wren. This region is famous for its muist, i.e. apple cider. In the southeast the Avon takes its source in the Angel Mountains. Michelweald covers the hills of the western part of the shire, also known as the Lens.

Upper Avon Shire Moot
15, Avillion Rd

Tel. 020 - 810 81 00

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