Utameyas is a language spoken by an estimated seventy million people primarily in the Ishrakan region of south-eastern Eras. It is the primary language of the Utani people , and official language of the nation of Utania.

Origins Edit

The language has a regional uniqueness, but loose linguistic links have been detected between it and Proto-Chungese languages. Linguists have theorised the linguistic branch began developing around 3,000 to 7,000 BP. Others, particularly Utani nationalists, have rejected this suggestion and instead pointed to links to languages of the new continents, particularly ancient languages of east-Melania. Quite how this link could have developed is not known, but theories abound that the original east-Melanians may have crossed the theorised "Trans-Gronkian corridor" during a recent ice age, splitting their language tree from that of the proto-Utani language group.

Socio-linguistic background Edit

How many people speak it; who; how; why

Education Edit

Utania's primary language; impacts on policy; impacts on business world; impacts of education policy

Phonetics Edit

Character set Edit

Grammar Edit

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