Véoncy Bay Football Club
Manager Loui Pintoni
Region Saint Samoria Province
League Samuelonia Division 1

Véoncy Bay Football Club are a football club based in the Saint Samoria province of Samuelonia, based at the Torra Del Simboni stadium in Véoncy. In 287 AP, billionaire Marco Di Natale bought Véoncy Bay and at the time were a small semi-professional team. Now the Lilacs are pushing for promotion to Division 1.

History Edit

Véoncy Bay Football Club were founded in 202 AP by a priest, Father Julian Bendtner Cossa. The club then were known as Véoncy St Rohan FC, the name of the local church featuring after the name of the city. The small club competed in the local league and in 226 managed to reach the 3rd round of the King's Cup. In 229, Véoncy St Rohan FC were purchased by five local business owners and St Rohan was dropped from the club's name, becoming Véoncy Bay Football Club.

The club gained fame in 272 AP after they reached the semi-finals of the King's Cup, the furthest an amateur club has gone in the history of the competition. The club managed to gain promotion to Division 10 in 276 AP, but their brief stint at professional level lasted only two seasons, after they were relegated back down to the Amateur Premier Division.

The club suffered from huge debts in the late 270's and were forced to sell their best players and even their ground. Véoncy Bay were relegated over six consecutive season's and were once more playing local football. They managed to regain promotion to the amateur league's in 286 AP and the following season were purchased by billionaire Marco Di Natale, who pumped millions into the club. Success quickly came to the club and were promoted five seasons in a row, once more reaching Division 10 in 292 AP.

Throughout the 290's Véoncy Bay rocketed through the lower professional division's and in 304 AP were promoted to Division 2. In 307 AP, Véoncy Bay signed the legendary Samuelonian striker, Dexter St John for a fee of S£3.7 million from Hampton Wanderers FC. St John was instrumental throughout Véoncy Bay's '07 campaign in Division 2, scoring 42 goals and leading the team to promotion to Division 1 and victory in the King's Cup final, with a 2-1 win over Montopauli FC, in which St John scored both goals. The 307 AP season was by far the most successful season in their history after winning the Division 2 title and the King's Cup.

Honours Edit

  • Division 2 Champions 307/308
  • King's Cup Champions 307/308

Stadium Edit

Torra Del Simboni Arena, Véoncy

Capacity: 33,000 all seater

Current Squad Edit

Current squadEdit

Number Nationality Player Position
1 Djeriga Djeriga Hussein Al Kawa GK
2 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Andy Coleman-Barrett (18Y) DC
5 Flag-cruisana Cruisana John Sedgewick DC
6 Flag-trinia Trinia Veldo Ezzona DR
3 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Robert Langford (19Y) DL
Midfielders / Wingers
7 Flag-lendosa Lendosa Dominico Saratchi MC
4 Flag-trinia Trinia Meko Liorsen MC
8 Lysempire Lysonia Addeki Kodak MR
11 Utania Utania Nathan Lorrisane ML
9 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Dexter St John FW
10 Flag-portocapital Porto Capital Jose Dos Belinguez FW
12 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Bradly Ullerford (17Y) FW
14 StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Loui Zantorro (16Y) FW
M StSamuelFlag St. Samuel Loui Pintoni MGR
StSamuelFlag   Royal Samuelonia Football Association   StSamuelFlag
Royal Premier Division of Samuelonia
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