VAB-Nordica in Aij Utani livery colours‎


VAB-Nordica in 302-308 Air Aethelnique livery colours‎

Vab-Nordica is a Vingarmark-based aircraft manufacturer. The company is internationally known for it's long haul commercial jet liner, which it succesfully exported to Aethelnia in year 302.

Export to Aethelnia Edit

Air Aethelnique's VAB-Nordica fleet was bought in year 302 and was testament to strong business ties between both kingdoms. However, Air Aethelnique sold their entire fleet of VAB-Nordica's in year 308 to Utania's Aij Utani to have them replaced with Vex Aerospace's Vexaero A380. Aij Utani is currently (308) the only known international operator of the VAB-Nordica airliner.


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